BIG FINANCIAL DRAMA: Mary J.Blige Has Been Hit With A $3.4Million Tax Repayment Bill & More!

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Remember Mary J.Blige? Popular singer & Grammy winner? Yes. She was off the news for a while but now she’s back – this time, with a not so good news. First, she allegedly owes the Garden State $900k. That’s pretty much, you know?

Now, according to TMZ , she has been slapped with a $3.4 million bill from US federal tax office. The IRS filed a federal tax lien against the Grammy winner, claiming she failed to pay all her income taxes for the years 2009 ($574,907.30), 2010 ($2,203,743.53) and 2011 ($647,604.60) which brings it to a total of $3,426,255.43. This, right here is money. I tell you. (You can do the math yourself, multiply by 155dollars to One Naira).  

Anyway, the IRS needs to join the queue as the State of NJ says MJB still owes $901,769.65 in back taxes. Blige is being sued for allegedly defaulting on a $2.2 million bank loan and her charity is facing a lawsuit that claims it took out a $250k loan and never paid it back.

Goodluck to her in paying her bills. Hopefully she doesn’t get …oh wait, never mind.

Mary J Blige



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