BIG BROTHER AFRICA THE CHASE Heats Up: First Couple Emerges?

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It’s just day 3 of this year’s edition of Big Brother Africa (the Chase) and housemates are still getting to know each other but that didn’t stop Ethiopia’s Betty and Sierra Leone’s super sharp guy, Bolt from sharing an intimate moment last night.

While their fellow #BBAChase housemates were sleeping,the couple kissed passionately and they would have taken it a step further but it seem Bolt came to the party unprepared.

In what seems to be frantic search for condoms, Bolt ransacked his pocket but the search was futile (Maybe, he’s not so sharp after all).

The duo gave up on the kiss and went to the kitchen to drink some water instead. As the duo haven’t said much about dating each other, time will tell if this was just a ”once off” incident or there will be similar ”recurring” incidents.

We are pretty sure there’ll be more fun and excitement to follow in this 2013 edition of Big Brother Africa – The Chase.

bassey and bolt
Big Brother 2013 (The Chase): Bassey and Bolt


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  1. bolt is just trying to show his country real color (this simply means that, sierra leoan’s are too easy 2 fallen in making kajua sex). let just keep our eyes on them n c wht will happen next. though he is marriage 2 a beautiful wive.

  2. A quick update: koketso and LK4 🙂 gal please don’t embarrass us by sleeping with him. A gal from Alex is too streetwise for that is 🙂 voting 4u

  3. Hudda and Amur boy ANgelo : cute couple but I like how you are both keeping it under ground 🙂 gal we don’t mind you hooking up with our brother, you are compatible

  4. betty, what the hale? how far are you sure that you r representing ur nation? it this all for money ? !!

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