Beautiful Unscripted Genesis : The Xtraone Family release music with a message

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Beautiful Unscripted Genesis is the first release from a group of friends calling themselves Xtraone Family.

The album, due to be released on 6th May 2013, features original tracks written by John Osagie (Eljohn) and has the full support of Samy Tochux (Blackwood Entertainment), bassist and band leader of D’Beat, winners of the 2011 Star Quest Nigeria. Eljohn describes the meaning of this project with the statement, “we hope to inspire others, not just with the music, but the journey we have all taken to get to this moment.” Beautiful Unscripted Genesis is the first offering from a group of friends calling themselves Xtraone Family and who met in Benin, Ugbowo campus. What started as a collaborative love of music is now a worldwide release that took at year to bring to fruition with the help of Center for Media Development, Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos.

Xtraone Family have experimented with various genres of music including Christian rock, integrated choir harmonies, and have used ethnic Nigerian languages Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo. Striving to keep their music close to their faith and filled with positivity, they were inspired and encouraged by CMD’s Mr Ambrose Ibokwe who said “’CMD is committed to promoting positive values and Xtraone communicate this in song.” The single Oyunuanon – co-written by Patrick Obeto (Ed Patryks) is receiving airplay on Nigeria’s Metro FM 97.7, Radio 1 FM 103.5 and Eko FM 107.5 of Lagos with album scheduled for release on 6th May 2013 and digital distribution to iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and all major online retailers via EmuBands in Glasgow, Scotland.

Xtraone Family were formed in 2007 and are: Eljohn – Songwriter, Edpatryks – Vocalist, Manny (Emmauel Okafor)

Vocalist, and Peter Rock (Peter Ayorinde), Songwriter and Guitarist.

Please listen to the new album here:

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