#BBMA Hulk Hogan Leg Drop WWE Style: Video of Miguel Attempting to Jump Over The Crowd At the Billboard Music Awards and Nearly Breaking 2 Ladies’ Necks

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Well one thing’s for sure – Miguel sure knows how to bring down the curtains on an otherwise perfect performance at the BBMA

Miguel @ the Billboard Music Awards nearly breaking 2 Fans Necks. Copyright: mocksession.com

During his thrilling Billboard Music Awards performance of his song Adorn, Miguel decides to take flight over the first row of fans and accidentally lands on a female fan’s neck while drop-kicking another.

Definitely this part of Miguel‘s choreography wasn’t rehearsed, otherwise someone would have told him his tiny legs won’t have made the jump. Another fan then shoves away the struck fan to get closer to Miguel

Apart from a possible lawsuit, Miguel goes on with his business not missing a note or a beat to an almost flawless performance at the BBMA after showing us his 2nd option would have been pro-wrestling if his music career hadn’t worked out.

Hope the 2 Ladies are okay after the un-rehearsed WWE moves at the BBMA!

Enjoy, watch and re-watch the video of Miguel‘s best Hulk Hogan‘s leg drop WWE signature move!!



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