#BBATheChase: ”I am a gold digger”- Huddah

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Thinking of hooking up with Kenya’s #Huddah after #BBACHASE? Well the trick is simple,have an impressive account balance and a generous attitude !!!!
During a speed dating task in the #Diamond house,#Huddah revealed to Denzel that her ideal man is one with lots of cash for her to blow, she dropped a few jaws when she said ”I am a gold digger”….Just how many sisters will admit that? Well, cool girl #Huddah  did a ”retour” right after the confession and said she was only joking. 
During the speed dating task,The gents sat opposite the ladies in the garden and all the #Chasers had a chance to have a two minutes long date with each other and at the end of the date, the ladies rated the guys. All thanks to #Biggie and the crazy speed dating task,we now know the hotties.
In the #Diamond house, #Denzel and #Bolt seems to be doing everything right and the ladies just can’t get enough of these two and in the #Ruby houseLk4 got all the ladies singing ”You’ll be my American Boy”…..oh the ladies just love that Yankee accent!!!.The official scorecard will be out tomorrow and trust us to keep you posted.
Task: Let’s have a quickie




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