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Whether you call it “fate”  or “destiny” or “a calling,” the fact is that some people are born to sing and create music. If you ask any of the “legends” in the music business, chances are you’ll get a variation on the idea that music is and always has been the artiste’s most natural expression.

Ace Gospel Artiste, “TB1” meaning The Blessed One reveals that he knew he would be a star from a very young age.

Born Michael Omoria on March 9th 1982, TB1 has become a respected name on the underground gospel Hip-hop scene in Nigeria. Drawn from a country where everyone seems to want to venture into music, TB1 is one of the few who can boast of real star quality and staying power.

Music has been the central theme in the life of TB1, a multi-talented rapper, singer, songwriter, graphic designer and cinematographer fulfilling his childhood dreams and ambitions. With MAP (Make Anything Possible), his first label debut album on Samnehath Records, TB1 demonstrates a rare ability to fuse scripture and vibe of classic Rap music with the edgy flavor of Hip-Hop and Afro Hip-Hop.

His sophomore album “Na So!” clearly sets TB1 apart, stating his zeal and passion for music and ministry. Check out his fun new single.

Twitter:  @TheRealTB1


Jesus You Be King – TB1



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