360Fresh: Linchpin | Drop it Low [Prod. By @Chordraticbeats]

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This unbelieveably talented act stage named “Linchpin”,is known for his versatility,delivery and strong lyrical content which has goten him on a very fast growing pace in the nigerian music industry.This teenager uses his unique voice texture matched with his song writing sense always to create an atmosphere in the heads of his listners.He grew up with music literally as every member of his family including his dad has a thing for music,he watched them sing,record,and play different instruments which he confesses has added to his musical acumen.This young unbelieveable sensation always know the right sounds to give his growing fan base as a result of couple of singles he has previously dropped online on which he got love.Track titles include ‘with you’,and also a cover on U.S.A based artiste kirko bangz-“Drank in my cup”.The teenager(Linchpin)has worked on several Genres ranging from HIP-Hop,AFROBEATS,RnB,E.T.C.His highly anticipated single ‘DROP IT LOW’ which has been getting massive buzz online and on so many social media would be due for release MAY 9Th-6 p.m,on this sure hit single he worked with one of the greatest and most talented producer in the industry that is currently trending who has been noted for the unique sounds he brings and his high production texture and quality,he is called CHORDRATIC BEATS this tune will not go below the expectations of anyone including his continous growing fanbase.He is sure bringing a new sound with this one and is indeed a great force to look out for.Linchpin is in the industry to stay and would in no doubt grow to one of the A-list stars in due time.





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