ZestVille …Episode 4 by @Tomilola_coco

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Akin Bucknor watched her jaw drop and her face pale as if she’d just seen a ghost. He wondered what was wrong as she held the phone as if afraid to let it drop, as if it was a life support machine.

“Malika, are you okay?” He asked

Malika finally got over her shock and directed her panic stricken face to Akin.

“Your wife is on her way to kill me” She said and jumped out of her chair, heading for the door.


Akin was confused. What was she talking about? Malika however did not make it to the door before she sighted Kofo’s car drive into the parking lot; She froze as she saw Kofo step out of the car and storm towards the cafe.


Korede Kuti was on his way to a meeting with Kelechi Amadi-Obi when he received the call from his sister. She had discovered the woman who was shaking the very foundation of her “strong” marriage. Korede knew the meeting he was headed for was important but what was more important was saving the woman his sister was going to “kill”.

He knew Kofo and what she could do. And he intended to go there to do what her husband might be too shocked to do; pull her out of the cafe and take her to his apartment outside Zest Ville to calm her raging nerves.

He put a call through to Mr Amadi-Obi and after it rang twice, the latter picked up.

“Hello sir, I’m sorry I won’t be able to make the meeting scheduled for 11am. A matter of life and death just came up”


And that was what it was, a matter of life and death. Kofo burst into the cafe and quickly scanned the entire room for the woman who was giving her husband reasons to end their sixteen-year-old marriage with a venomous look in her eyes.

She was looking stylish even when she went to the “war zone”, Malika noted. Clad in black leather pants, purple tank and a peach coloured blazer, she looked like she was off to one of those “baseless” Lagos Island red carpet events that rich people threw just because they were bored.

She inched closer to her husband as she breezed past Malika, carefully walking in her black court shoes.

“Where the fuck is she?” She thundered. Malika knew this was hell and she searched very hard for something to say to salvage the situation. How did she even manage to get herself entwined in some couple’s mariage drama? She was disgusted with herself. This should be the last thing a woman like her should be caught in. It was demeaning!

“Where is who?” Akin Bucknor asked his wife a bit too calm for the situation that was about to happen if they did not control it. Malika wondered how a man stayed that calm when his wife looked like a lioness about to destroy its prey. But he did look calm and remained calm.

The workers in the cafe had begun to stare at them and Malika knew they must have seen the kiss happen some minutes earlier. She knew she had to say something. Anything to stop the unfolding event before it became a full-blown action drama.

“Kofo, there’s a reason I got here before you. She left just as I strolled in to take care of her husband snatching ass” Malika said

Kofo faced her husband squarely and said “You’re damn lucky honey. Next time you won’t be so lucky.” she then headed for the door and Malika followed her wondering why the woman just always believed her.

When they stepped out of the cafe, Korede Kuti was just getting out of his car. He noticed the two women strolling towards him and he couldn’t help but smile when he saw Malika Aliu. Damn! The woman should be named Venus. He thought.

“What happened?” He asked his sister as soon as they got to where he was.

“The bitch is gone. She won’t be so lucky next time because I’d find out who she is and teach her a lesson”

Malika’s heart skipped two…no, three beats. Her time was running out and she knew she had to remove herself from this soap opera before everything blew up in her face. She knew she had to do something pretty fast but what it was she didn’t know.

“Hi Malika. We met the other day at Kofo’s party” Korede said and it was not until then Malika looked his way. Just like she could remember from the night they met, he looked appealing, something a woman wouldn’t mind owning for a while. Maybe a few months? Or years?

“Hi Korede”

“Good to know you guys have met. Malika is a very good girl, Kay. Maybe you can attend Mrs Robertson’s daughter’s baby shower together” Malika said and Kofo was shocked at how easily the woman had changed from her livid state to a sweet matchmaking state.

Who the heck was Kofo Akin-Bucknor?


Malika went with Korede Kuti for Mrs Robertson’s daughter’s baby shower that night and if she had known Mrs Robertson was one of those bored rich old women looking for the slightest reason to spend money, she would have stayed put in her apartment, eating chocolates and ice cream while watching old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy in her Anne Summers lingerie.

Mrs Robertson’s house was located in Ikoyi, a beautiful wide house with a wider compound, the house looked like something out of a picture. It was painted white and gold and from its driveway, one had no choice but be enamoured by the architectural designs Malika was sure must have been done by the best on the continent.

She wanted so bad to take a picture.

Mrs Robertson’s daughter was not in the country. She was in LA with her African American husband where she was expecting her second child and Mrs Robertson deemed it fit to have a baby shower in her honour in Lagos Nigeria, by calling her friends, non friends and starved party goers to celebrate with her.

And people think the poor have got problems?

When Malika walked in with Korede, they were immediately served assorted biscuits by a shy waitress and offered some sweet tasting liquid that Malika knew nothing of the name. There was old highlife music playing softly in the house as guests laughed and mingled with each other.

“Parties like this are the reasons politicians won’t stop stealing” Korede whispered into her ears.

“Oh she is a politician?” Malika inquired.

“Her husband was. But her son is in the senate and I’m sure he still steals. When you see Mrs Robertson you’d know what I mean” Korede said and she chuckled. They’d not talked much during the drive there but the little he’d said had shown her that he was a man with a great sense of humour and one who knew how to keep a conversation alive, something most men his class had a problem with.

“Kofo is not here” Malika noticed as she looked around the room.

“Oh there she is” Korede said as he pointed her in the direction where Kofo was hugging a round over dressed and over made up woman who seemed like she was in her seventies. “And by the way, that’s Mrs Robertson.”

Malika nodded “Oh” was all she said as she dragged her attention back to her date.

“By the way, you look amazing in that bodycon dress” he complimented her looks and she was shocked he knew what the dress was called. “Don’t be surprised, I shop for my sister sometimes”

Malika nodded smiling. A man who paid attention to a woman’s wardrobe…he probably paid attention to everything that concerned a woman.

“Something is wrong” Korede suddenly said as his eyes darted towards Kofo who was marching to where they were. “Kofo is angry”

Malika was about to ask what about when Kofo stepped up to her and slapped her hard across the face.

“You bitch” she seethed.



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  1. I know it was going to happen,kofo has been playing malika all this while,she wants to catch her red handed.nice episode though,keep it coming

  2. Malika’s profile don scatter!!! Kai! Bad 4business. Plz jst move out! Society events is def d worse place 4a drama like dat! It wld spread like wildfire. Dis is d tym Malika wld wish d ground wld jst swallow her b4 Kofo saiz anoda word. Wonder what she wld do now.. Nice 1 coco!

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