ZestVille …Episode 2 by @Tomilola_coco

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“So let me see, this week, you have slept with a married man, disrupted a wedding anniversary party…”

“I didn’t disrupt the event Bade, the Bucknors did that all by themselves…” Malika responded as she balanced a bowl of cereal in between her legs on the bed and concentrated on her laptop where she was on a skype call with her best friend, Badetito Akimbo. “Besides, I didn’t know the guy was married, I wouldn’t have had sex with him if I did” She added. Her phobia for sleeping with married men was overwhelming and everybody who really knew her, knew that. She avoided it like a plague and when she had found out that “Fred” was married, she had been shocked beyond words.

“But you don’t think slapping him at his wedding anniversary would make you look like a bad person in an estate you just moved into?” Bade inquired.

And it dawned on Malika that she hadn’t even thought of that. She’d just moved into Zest Ville and she had not thought of the effect her actions the night before would have on her person later.


Akin Bucknor ambled into the house he shared with his wife, Kofo and only daughter, Mariam. The house was unusually quiet for that time of the day (his wife usually had music playing in the house while she got ready for work) and he knew what was responsible for that – the night before. He slumped into a couch as he tried to rerun the events of the previous night in his head. He had dragged Kofo into the rest room and calmly told her he’d rather they went home and discussed the ailing marriage they were in, not stand in a room full of friends, family and possibly media and lie to them that they were fine. Kofo had asked for them to at least finish the party and pretend like everything was okay but he had categorically told her that he couldn’t do that. She’d stormed out on him before he could say anything more and announced that their marriage was over.

She hadn’t let him finish. She never let him finish. Never let him talk, never let him into decision-making, never let him be the man. That was part of the reasons their sixteen-year-old marriage was ailing. He wasn’t happy in the marriage, she didn’t seem to care about that fact and she didn’t seem to care about anything but herself.


He turned around sharply and saw standing by the door, his only daughter, immediately followed by Kofo.

“What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be in school?” Akin queried, shocked to see his daughter at home while school was in full session.

“Mommy came…”

“I decided to bring her home to hear directly from her father, his decision to end our marriage”

Akin stared in shock at Kofo.


“Your sister and her husband are getting a divorce? I thought they were the happiest couple alive?” Ebuka still found it difficult taking in the information his best friend had just passed across to him. Who knew the Bucknors had trouble in paradise?

“I thought so too. Apparently we all thought wrong” Korede replied. “You go to a wedding anniversary expecting a romantic atmosphere with lots of food and drinks, not an announcement of separation and a slap dished out to your brother-in-law by a hot celebrity photographer”

“Your brother in law got slapped? Now why in the world did I choose football over that party? It was obviously more interesting” Ebuka chuckled. Who knew wedding anniversary parties could be more interesting than EPL?

“Malika Aliu, you know her?” Korede asked and his friend shook his head in response.

“Who is she?”

“She’s a celebrity photographer. She was the one who slapped my brother in law last night”

“Interesting. Any other party about to be organised by your family anytime soon? I won’t miss it for the Grammys”


Akin dragged Kofo along with him to the kitchen and shut the door firmly behind them, it wasn’t until that was done that he released her from his firm grip and faced her squarely, his face an unreadable expression but his eyes seriously flashing anger. Kofo rubbed her arms, where he had held her was hurting. What was wrong with him? Why did he drag her like that? Who did he even think he was?

“Now what the hell do you think you are doing woman?” He thundered.

“Giving you the opportunity to tell your daughter you don’t want her mother anymore” Kofo spat

“And you went all the way to her boarding school to…she’s sixteen woman! Sixteen! She’s preparing for her SSCE, this is not the news she needs to hear!” He yelled at her. Didn’t she ever think of others? Not even her own daughter?

“Stop yelling at me please! You’re the one who wants to end this marriage…”

“And when did I categorically tell you that?” He asked and she stared at him, unable to speak. “You know what? You got it. This marriage is over!”

Then he stormed out of the kitchen.


Korede’s phone rang and he picked it immediately he realised it was his elder sister, Kofo.

She was crying on the phone as she spoke “I think there’s another woman Korede. He’s never been this way. Never”

Korede sighed. “Okay, there’s something I need to tell you…”


Malika enjoyed her bowl of cereal as her skype call continued; she looked forward to this call every Saturday because she got the one chance to speak with her real friend. They had been friends before the fame, the money and the boobs like Bade would say.

 “I don’t want to be part of the reason someone’s marriage broke. That’s being on the wrong side of somebody’s history” she said to Bade.

“Come on Malika, a one night stand can’t ruin a sixteen year old marriage just like that. Except you have gold on your Veejayjay which we both know you don’t” And they both laughed.

“By the way, don’t blame the man for not giving you details. You didn’t tell him your name; he gave you a fake name on the other hand. Same difference. Plus who gives out his bio for a one night stand anyway?” Bade said and Malika agreed with her. She wasn’t particularly interested in the man’s life history so if he had told her, she would have been less bothered.

Her doorbell rang.

“Okay, someone’s at the door. Unusual because I just moved in here but I’d be right back” she said to Bade and ended the conversation.

Getting out of bed, she grabbed a sweater, wore it over her revealing maxi dress and headed for the door, wondering who it might be.

She opened the door and standing on her doorstep was Kofo.



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