Yoruba Group – Nigeria to expire next year

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Coalition for Yoruba Autonomy (COYA) has said that the amalgamation of Northern and Southern protectorate of May 9, 1913, that gave the interim contraption of Lord Fredrick Lugard a lifespan of 100 years, will expire next year.

The group, therefore, urged the presidency and the judiciary to dissolve the present National Assembly by October 1.

Chairman of COYA, Kunle Adeshokan said at a press briefing in Lagos that the dissolution would enable Nigeria to sit down and dialogue   the nation’s future.

Adeshokan said: “The current national constitution bestowed on the people was an intellectual aberration prepared largely to assuage the semi-literate military government”.

“COYA is seeking a minimum condition of a constitutional convention to be convened to re-configure a working Nigerian federalism that gives more powers to the states and its local councils authorities to develop on their own and at their pace.”

He explained that the step would bring about the rule of law that enshrines egalitarian society based on justice system, as against the current slow social justice system being operated.

Adeshokan noted the window of hope and revival for Nigeria  has presented itself in the amalgamation document, adding that “COYA is using this opportunity to make a clarion call to the presidency and the judiciary to dissolve the current national assembly by October I, 2013 and use the remaining three months of the year to gather representatives of all ethnic nationalities.”

Adeshokan added that the documents prepared by the sitting representatives should form the basis of the country’s federalism.

– The Guardian



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