Why Women Should Feel Proud

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Are you proud to be a woman? If your answer is yes, then this article would make you happier. If your answer is no(for some weird reason) then this article would help you feel good about yourself. Read!

-Emotionally Strong. Women are generally emotionally stronger than men. From a young age, they face changes internally and externally that makes them stronger to face bigger challenges when they eventually grow up.

-Ability to multitask. Women are multifaceted. They have the ability to do so many things well all at the same time. They can run a home, hold their own in their career and be badass at the office. They do these things better than men and a woman knows(more than a man) what is best for her family.

-Compassionate. Women are more compassionate, patient and kinder in nature than men. They easily listen and can genuinely feel what the other party is feeling.

-Beautiful. Women are naturally more beautiful than the other sex, with the ability to dress better and smarter.



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