What does Easter mean to you?

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360nobs chats with some friends in a bid to find out what Easter really means to them. Find out what their response is. What does Easter mean to you?

Samantha Dimka says:

If Christmas is a time of hope then Easter is about second chances. For me, Easter is a time of reflection and renewal, a chance for a fresh start. At the beginning of the year I make my resolutions as usual and dream and picture what I hope to accomplish during the year. By the time Easter rolls around I’m re-evaluating, taking stock of where I am and where I want to be. This year has been no different and as we celebrate Christ’s resurrection I am grateful to realise that everyday is a blessing and another chance to make my hopes reality. As the saying goes, ‘where there is life, there is hope’.

I spent Easter Sunday with family and friends, talking, laughing and of course eating – simple but priceless pleasures. As I write this I’m still recovering from the amala and efo riro that I devoured at The Yellow Chilli. I’ve been introspective all week and reflection on decisions I’ve made and ones I need to make so it was good to just relax and bask in the comfort of the simple for a while. Now I’m quietly looking forward to moving forward with renewed resolve.. That and eating everything I gave up for Lent!

So whatever you may be going through, whatever resolutions may have been neglected, this is a chance to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and have another go. Nothing we want to achieve is as impossible as rising from the dead.

Happy Easter and Good Luck!

Chikaodi Ukaiwe‘s opinion is:

For me, as with almost all holidays, birthdays inclusive, Easter is a time for sober reflections, (now by sober I make no reference to alcohol abstinence, I just wanted to be clear on that because I personally plan on consuming a fair amount of alcohol this holiday, that’s all), as I was saying, Easter is a time for sober reflection, what’s important, who’s important, am I giving the best of myself to these things and people, that sort of thing. Easter as we know is the celebration of resurrection of Jesus Christ, which reminds us of His sacrifice and love for us, this subconsciously triggers a self-audit within myself to generally want to be a better person to myself, and the people around me.

Easter = no work = sleep = food = parties = FOOOD!! = friends = family = love J, there’s basically no better time to show someone love, so go for it (now again please by love I make no reference to sex, I would just like to clarify that I would never encourage premarital sexua activities on a public platform, thanks and God bless)

Someone else writes:

Easter to me is sacrifice, Its feeling like the most special person on earth because someone saw it fit to die for me, and then still come back to life to protect me forever, The ultimate sacrifice.
Its a time to reflect and appreciate the little things I take for granted, life, love, family and most especially Jesus.

My family is a tight-knit one, all we have got is all we have – each other, so with lots of laughter, tales of successes and really good food we celebrate, celebrate Jesus’ sacrifice and how lucky we are, celebrate each other and what having family means.

My contribution to this meal was a beautiful Shepherd’s Pie. Traditionally Lamb is eaten during Easter meals and so I decided to make a healthier version using sweet potatoes and ground lamb meat.

Cooking is a passion for me and cooking for family a blessing that I’ll appreciate daily, and carry on to my own little family when the time comes, pass this tradition of appreciating life, love and sacrifice to my children with the most delicious food, of course.

In Eneni Efebo‘s words:

Growing up in a Christian home, I’ve always celebrated or at least acknowledged Easter even though I got carried away most of the time enjoying the holiday more than reflecting but this year was a little different.

Over the last couple of months I’ve witnessed Gods grace in my life, grace being unmerited favour. What amazes me the most is I’m not even a quarter the person he expects me to be. Yet he still chooses to bless me, giving me everything I request for. If I had a friend that didn’t treat me the way I expected him/her to, I’ll definitely not go out of my way to make sure the person gets what he/she wants, i wont put my job on the line how much more die for the person. But that was what Jesus did.

He took everything, the insults, the accusations, the beating and even death without saying a word. He looked beyond my flaws and thought I was worth dying for.

If he didn’t rise up on the third day, there’ll be nothing for me to believe in, nothing to hold on to but he did so I have no worries because I know that the same power that rose Christ from the dead lives in me so I can do all things and nothing can hold me back. For this I’m more than grateful. Thank you Jesus.

Tolulope Lawani‘s brief response is:

Easter to me is a period of reflection, forgiveness, love, togetherness, sharing knowing Jesus suffered, died and resurrected so we may have a brand new life, happy, stress free and victorious.

She’s also having fun


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