Touch & shock: Indian students invent electrified underwear to prevent rape

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A group of Indian engineering students have created electrified lingerie in hopes of protecting women from rape attacks inside the country.

The lingerie, called Society Harnessing Equipment, shocks anyone who touches the outside of the bra, while the women wearing it are protected by an inner polymer lining, The Daily Express reports.

“A person trying to molest a girl will get the shock of his life the moment pressure sensors get activated,” said co-inventor Manisha Mohan, a student at SRM University.

The students who invented the lingerie say the bra is capable of sending out 3,800kV shock waves, and it can also alert police to the location that the victim is being attacked, The Daily Express reports.

Violence against women, and the huge publicity generated by recent attacks, is threatening India’s $17.7 billion tourism industry.



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  1. This is rubbish You know that? If the gang take off the bra or under pants what next? or it will have a lock that she’ll leave at home? this is hilarious.

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