This Paper-Thin Mobile Phone will fold itself over when you have a call

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Researchers have unveiled a shape shifting paper thin mobile phone that curls up when a call is received. It contains ‘smart memory’ wires in a thin plastic display. When a current is applied to them, they contract, causing the display to curl.

The handset, dubbed the morephone, was built by a Canadian team using a plastic display built by British firm Plastic Logic. This is another step in the direction of radically new interaction techniques afforded by smartphones based on thin film, flexible display technologies’ says Roel Vertegaal, director of the human media lab at Queen’s University, who developed the system.

‘Users are familiar with hearing their phone ring or feeling it vibrate in silent mode. ‘One of the problems with current silent forms of notification is that users often miss notifications when not holding their phone.’ Dr. Vertegaal thinks bendable, flexible cell phones are the future and claims morephones could be in the hands of consumers within five to 10 years.

‘With morephone, they can leave their smartphone on the table and observe visual shape changes when someone is trying to contact them.’

The handset in its normal state, completely flat on a table

The flexible morephone curling up as a call is recieved

If a text arrives, a corner of the screen curls up to alert users

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