The Main Thing Couples Fight About And How To Avoid It

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If you are in a relationship, then you know that all couples argue just about anything and everything. There are many things couples fight about. From who gets the remote to who gets to carpool that day. Nevertheless, there is one main thing couples fight about constantly. That would be their money situation. Here are just a few reasons why money is such a big factor in relationship arguments.

Couples tend to argue sometimes about the silliest things. Some may even argue about sex and work. Their kids can be a factor to. However, the money thing is always on top. When you have a couple that both have jobs, you would think that there would not be any issues of money. Maybe having both working could mean no money problems at all, but with anybody in a relationship, whether they are rich or not, there is always going to be some kind of fight or argument about money.

Most couples tend to have joint banking accounts after they get married. Some say that this is a big mistake. Most couples that tend to have problems with having the same account should try different ways in handling money. Each person should take care of half the bills from their paycheck, and the other should handle the other bills. If one makes more money than the other does, then assign that person to extra bills. If you both insist on having the same bank account, then the main breadwinner should take care of the bills, and the other should worry about the necessities they need for the home, and kids.

When in a relationship you usually have a “saver” and a “spender”. With whoever is the spender, then this one is the one who will cause the most fights and arguments. This one person usually wants to buy the “name brand” things, and want to have the best “material” things. This is going to have to stop if you want to make things work between you and your partner. With one that spends, there is always one that saves. You must come to a compromise between what to spend and what to save. This is very important to do, if you want to eliminate fights about money.

Thirty percent of couples have secrets about when they spend money and what they spend their money on. Whether it is a secret about how much something cost, or the amount of debt they are in, you must both avoid this real big issue. Lying and keeping secrets will always result in ruining a relationship. This being because they will always find out in the end. In addition to finding out the problem and being upset about you being in debt, they will also find that you have been lying to them.

With every fight about money, you can always come up with easy resolutions. Coming up with goals, and making a point to tell each other what they are buying and how they are spending their money can result in a better relationship. Money should not be the reason for every fight and argument in any relationship. Relationship flourish when there is less fight, more communication and better understanding of each other expectations, desires and needs.

What causes arguments in your relationship and how do you avoid it?


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