The Konga.Com Story: How the online megastore changed how Nigerians shop on the internet

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Your work cycle demands that you work and the nature of the city you live in demands that you wait before you get home. You barely have time to do the normal things. You forget you need to shop for toothpaste. Till you need it the next morning. You didn’t have time to buy seasoning, but your soup is almost ready. You are probably reaching home at midnight, and the woman who sells noodles next door has gone to bed. Why didn’t you buy it on your way. You try to explain that you didn’t see hawkers selling noodles and you were stuck in traffic. And there was no time.You realize you need many things, they are affordable but they are inaccessible.

Konga knows this story. This is Konga’s story.This tale is borne out of the desire to deliver with speed and precision so that you would never have to worry about accessing your needs and wants at your convenience.

With a company that started out 7 months ago with just about 7 people, it has grown rapidly into a massive online retail company whose warehouse sits on a 15,000 sqm property and over 130 staff. is an online retail shop with thousands of products at the most affordable prices you can get them. While mothers can log on to clear the shelves for baby products and cosmetics, the fathers who prefer to get home appliances and equipment would equally find the portal a favorite stop. The youths are however not left out as they can get gift items such as perfumes, clothing and accessories all on the same site. The bookworms were also put into
perspective, you can browse through Konga’s array of books by genres, prices in order to quickly find what you are looking for. prides itself in not just being an online store but in its customer service. In the words of its managing director, Sim Shagaya “We believe that at Konga, our service doesn’t end when we deliver your products to you but when we install it and make sure it works”

The dark, tall emotive Sim says that the company is driven by the passion to serve, to deliver what you want, where you want it and how you want it.

Every story has its hooks, speaking on the challenges so far, you can catch the glint in Mr. Shagaya’s eyes as he speaks about how trustworthy many Nigerians are as opposed to the beliefs. He states that company barely had any serious fraud experience within its period existence. The real challenges, he said, are in the logistics, ensuring that there are better ways to deliver to the customer faster.

Beyond the rapid and effective exchange of money and goods, Konga also gives Nigerians who have businesses or products to sell, a platform to sell their products to a wider market. This is to open more business opportunities and to help create a thriving retailing culture in the country, Sim said.

The Konga story is a different story. It not only boasts of a well-orchestrated setup to deliver to millions of Nigerians. It also speaks about the ever-growing presence of retail enterprise in Nigeria and how better it can get.

Segun Adekoye

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