The John Terry effect: Chelsea player sleeps with his team-mate’s girlfriend

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In a scandal that brought back echoes of the John Terry & Wayne Bridge saga, two Chelsea players were  recently involved in a love triangle.

The people involved were young attacking winger Kevin de Bruyne , his girlfriend Caroline Lijnen, and goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois.

Both players are all Belgian, and luckily for Chelsea, are also on loan, with de Bruyne at Werder Bremen and Courtois at La Liga side Athletico Madrid.

According to a Belgian gossip magazine, Caroline was disillusioned with life in Germany, and moved to Madrid where she had a tryst with Courtois.

De Bruyne was said to be wrecked by the news, with the magazine stating “In the Madrid house she cheated on Kevin. He didn’t know anything, but when he discovered about it, he went crazy. It was a huge shock for him.”

De Bruyne has ended his relationship with Caroline, and the Belgian teammates have since cleared the air and now, even make jokes about the whole scadal.



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