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Once upon a time, we looked to Hollywood for good entertainment, innovations and sexy men. Welcome to 2013, a period where African men now give the oyinbos a run for their money.


No matter how you want to look at this Tinsel hottie, you would just have to agree that he is one hell of a sex god.

Gbenro Ajibade3_Sexiest

Whether he is rocking a suit, wearing a traditional attire or looking effortlessly dapper in a tee, this young man makes us slip beyond the physical realm into the sexual realm without much work!

Gbenro Ajibade2_Sexiest

Nollywood, whenever you decide to make a ludicrous version of fifty shades of grey(because we know you would), here is your Christian Grey! Thank us later.

Gbenro Ajibade Emmanuel
Gbenro Ajibade Emmanuel


Permit us to put these two brothers as one. These two men have evolved over the years from pretty looking hustlers to sexy successful artistes/businessmen.



From the days of “Senorita” to “Get Squared” and now “Alingo”, we cannot help but notice the beautiful changes these brothers have had going on with their deliciously looking chocolate bodies.

Let’s face it, those bodies are the reasons we didn’t care to scream about Rick Ross’ burly frame in the beautiful Onyinye video.

These men have taught us that we can multi-task with very successful results. Don’t we just envy the lovely Lola Omotayo?



Mr Lynxxx Edozien might not constantly dish out hits but every girl would like for him to constantly hit that. The “Fine Fine Lady” crooner has found a way to keep our mouth watering from his music videos to his television interviews and red carpet appearances.


He has landed himself on this list because of his oh so delicious body and we will gladly have a plate of that fine fine hotness every blessed morning as breakfast in bed.

Lynxxx3_Sexiest Lynxxx_Sexiest


When we think of daddy, sexy does not usually come to mind. Welcome to Dare Art Alade’s world where daddy and sexy can now be easily placed side by side.

Darey Art-Alade 2_Sexiest

This successful R&B artiste does not only have a great sense of style but also has a great body to pull off his style.

With a fine face,  broad shoulders and well defined physical features we just can’t help but love this father of two like a movie.

Darey Art-Alade 1_Sexiest Darey Art


His big brother might be the Mavin boss but this fine young man sure is the boss of everything sexy.


When we aren’t drooling because of his Frenzy album art, then we are impatiently waiting for his next public appearance or picture.


This prince of hotness is one man that can serve us banana and we’d never have enough.



This next sex god might have a problem pulling off a good foreign accent but one thing is for sure, he is more successful with working out.

Jim Iyke2_Sexiest

A controversial actor with so many movies under his belt, this Anambra man has a body that can make so many men cover their women’s eyes when he strolls by.

With an average height, James Ikechukwu has shown us that sexy has nothing to do with your height. Average sized men do sexy well too!

Jim Iyke_Sexiest


Forget the controversies this south south hottie might have had around him in the recent past, he is one sexy African man.


He has successfully driven girls wild in the crowd so many times that if he could win an award each time, he would have a house full of them.


He has a knack for keeping his shirt off and we know, we just know that we prefer it that way.

Come on Iyanya, we would be happy to offer more than the waist if only you’d ask for it.



Full name, Rotimi Alakija.  This man candy is a delight for the women folk. With a handsome face and good height, he is a reason to light up any time of the day.

Rotimi DJ XCLUSIVE Alakija1_Sexiest

We could watch him sleep all night long in all his sexy glory and not get bored! Like that’s even an option.

Rotimi DJ XCLUSIVE Alakija2_Sexiest Rotimi DJ XCLUSIVE Alakija3_Sexiest


Full name Dapo Oyebanjo. Like he needs any formal introduction. This music superstar has us changing our names to Olivia Twist.

We just always want more where his gorgeous body is concerned.

D'Banj3_Sexiest (2)

From the days where he performed with towel on stage to the days where he went shirtless to now when his fashion style has evolved more tastefully, we can’t just help but appreciate this man’s physique.


And we are happy he is now known all over the world. What better way to show the world the best goodies come from Africa?



Whether he is on set as the not so funny co-host on JARA or being on every red carpet in town, this former Big Brother housemate is one to make us take a second or maybe a third look.


A fashionable man(with what we are sure is a closet full of rainbow colored blazers), Uti Nwachukwu has the body that we can say constantly gets worked on. And its got great results! Thanks to his amazing bod, we can now overlook his presenting style and fantasize about that yummy body.


Complied by Tomi



Our team consists of a mix of the GOOD, the NAUGHTY and the most BEAUTIFUL people, just the way YOU want it served. We always have something to say whichever way you look at it. Appreciate us, Love us, Hate us (NOT) we are bound to crack you up whichever way.


  1. Hmmmm, ore mi I can’t agree more, well don’t really feel psqure, but ma money is on dbanj, lynxx and iyanya any day any time

  2. Oh pls, ths is a scam, and for ths u are “de Ore mi ed” if u understand that lang. how can u forget the no one man that drools sex, as in the word, he should be in the top 3 of the sexiest men. o dear, Flavour m so sorry for ths disrespect, after all we’ve bin thru (yea I knw we’ve never met but my drms know evry being of u) *drooling* bck to my anger. coco butter abi wetin b ur name, u went ahead and put jim iyke, I can manage p2 but Jim Ikye, rilly? *long hiss. mayb u dnt understand the concept of sexy, frm the dreamy eyes to the long locks to those “oh so hmmmm” words cnt describe abs down to the lean thighs, let’s not forget the ass, cos he shows off everythn even when he’s not whynning, Iyanya has nothing on him. flavour my hot hot love. if she cnt get it now, she wnt be able to ever get it. tomi we are done. all the best to u and jim iyke.

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