Stop trying your luck: Justin Bieber angry that his friends are still talking to Selena Gomez

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Justin Bieber is reportedly furious his friends continue to hang out with his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

The 19-year-old Baby hitmaker split from the Spring Breakers star at Christmas after two years of dating.

Justin has been focused on his music since the breakup and is currently on tour, reportedly allowing his pals to throw wild parties at his Los Angeles home in his absence.

But the singer has apparently been unaware his friends have also been spending time with Selena when Justin’s out of town.

According to Radar Online, one of Justin’s pals, aspiring rapper King Kevi, was seen leaving Selena’s Los Angeles home last Thursday night.

A source told the website the relationship is ‘purely platonic’.

However, it is believed to be the cause of a major rift between the men.

‘Kevi and Selena are friends. There was a party that night with 15 or 20 people ‘ just a little kick back ‘ and they were hanging out smoking hookah with some buddies,’ the insider said.

Justin reportedly found out about the party when photos of Kevi leaving Selena’s home circulated around the internet.

‘Justin was p**sed,’ according to the source. ‘He doesn’t think they’re hooking up but doesn’t want his closest friends partying with her,” the insider said.

‘Kevi told him there was nothing going on and they’ve gotten over it, but Justin is always suspicious something sexual is going to happen.’

While Justin has stayed mum about the split Selena hasn’t been shy about making comments at his expense.

She recently cracked a joke on America’s Late Show with David Letterman about how she made Justin cry.

She also made a gibe on Chelsea Handler’s US programme recently, claiming she was ‘really’ happy to be single.



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