SLEEICK STORIES: God Bless The Day I Met You …Episode 2

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“Lara hurry up” Jumebi Saura, Lara’s sister said “Don’t go against your own philosophy; always arrive fashionably late but never extremely late.”

”You can’t rush perfection little sis” came Lara’s response.

“I know right.” Jumebi answered while pumping her shoulders up and down and admiring herself in the full length mirror. “That is why I came after you. Mwah.”

Jumebi Saura adored her only sister. She always looked up to her. So many of her friends always complained about her their sisters bullied them and didn’t take them under their wings. Lara was different. So when her organization nominated her to represent them at the most glamorous ball of the year, she lobbied, cajoled and begged in order to get an extra ticket. She had succeeded. The event was the talk of the town. Media houses had carried it on the news and in the papers. It was an occasion which was in tandem with the celebrations of the Alliance Blue’s success in the just concluded World Economists’ Debate. Alliance Blue was an economic, financial and advisory services company and had placed second in the global debate which created an international awareness as to the capabilities of the company.

Everyone was excited about the event. It didn’t matter whether or not you could get an invite; the atmosphere was charged enough for you. Everyone looked forward to the glam of the night. Everyone, except Lara Saura. She had work to do, she had said, and would have stayed back to complete it but for the insistence of her sister.

“Lara na” Jumebi complained

“I am ready o” Lara declared as she stepped out of her room.

Jumebi gasped. She knew her sister well. She knew Lara always dressed to kill but since she, Jumebi, had returned from her studies in Canada, she had noticed a certain ‘dull’ in Lara. This ‘dull’ though, was the ‘shine’ of many other ladies. So it wasn’t out of place when she instantly was immensely flabbergasted and struck in speechless awe as Lara stepped out in the fullness of her ‘shine’. Lara was draped in a deep royal purple Jovani Greek Goddess One-shoulder strap pageant evening dress. It flowed seamlessly around her slender frame. The part of her shoulder and back that were exposed were tantalizingly easy on the eyes and assuredly smooth to the touch. She adorned it with an equally elegant Marie-Helene De Taillac 24-karat matte-gold amethyst necklace. Lara’s look was captivatingly complete with light makeup, beautiful tiny studs and a braided greek goddess updo hairstyle. Jumebi could not take in her shoes because of the length of her dress but knew it would have to be equally amazing.

“You look fabulous Lara.” Jumebi said in one breath. “I know” Lara replied with a wink.

The ball was full of dignitaries. This event was certainly living up to its hype. Music. Lights. Food. Jokes. Prospective networking and connections. The atmosphere was so charged that you even felt good being the doorman.

“Lara, our seat is up front.” Said Jumebi in a sad tone. Jumebi was not as confident as Lara. Coming late was one thing; having to walk all the way to the front of the hall with every eye scrutinizing you was a different ball game entirely. Lara, on the other hand, was not fazed. “Let’s go. Gracefully.” With that Lara walked forward towards her designated seat, indeed like a goddess, swaying her hips in a slow sensual manner. The MC was reading out the accolades of a certain gentleman; “…the finest we have seen in a long while. He is the CEO of the Alliance Blue and OraWorld Filling Station as well as co-founder of TinCan Ports. He won the Business Leader of the Year award, Toughest Administrator of the Year award and the Number One Serial Entrepreneur at the just concluded Annual Money Moguls Awards. Please join me, distinguished ladies and gentlemen, to welcome on stage, Mr Dwayne Abdul.” The applause was deafening as the man got up from his seat and walked briskly to the podium. She raised her head to look at the man and immediately she saw him, the greek goddess, Lara Saura, stumbled and fell.

She had looked into the eyes of the bloke fuel station attendant who had dissed her two weeks ago.

Well, her chance to show him her red eyes has come sooner than expected. Who knows how their paths would be intertwined?

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  1. oooppssss!!!!!!!!!! She didn’t have to fall naaa. Nice write up but short *sad face*. next episode plsssssss

  2. Oh my….I hate that i cant help but click d next episode…in the office…*whispering…i hope i don’t get sacked*…captivating!

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