Six Things You Should Get Rid Of As A Woman.

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What is more fun than shopping and acquiring new stuff is actually getting rid of old, worn out things.

We know this might be hard to do, because some of these things mean a lot to you and have become a part of your life, so we have compiled a short list that just might help you declutter your wardrobe and life.

1. Stuff from your past relationship. Are you still holding on to that old Tshirt of his or that empty cologne bottle of him or poems he wrote for you during your time together? Are you still holding the teddy he bought for you very close at night, while you reminisce on the good time? Really? This is the time to ditch those things and move on. Why? Holding on to these things stops you from moving forward and becoming a different/better person, because you are stuck in the past.

Get rid of those and begin to live a normal healthy life.

2. Shoes that give you blisters whenever you wear them. Okay, we know they might be the cutest things ever and maybe you haven’t seen any other girl wear them(making them rare beauty), maybe they are your best shoes and you never want to part with them or maybe you are just emotionally attached to the shoes for whatever reason. We get it. But what is all that if whenever you remove these shoes you wince because of the terrible pain your feet are going through? Do you know the number of prettier shoes you can get out there? Throw those things away. And if you can’t bear to see something so pretty go into the bin, then hang them on your wall as work of art but at least ease yourself of the pain.

3. Underwear with stains and stretched-out elastic. Some women don’t bother about what they wear under but as much as that is a very ridiculous thing to think, this article is not about that. Your underwear should be sexy, clean and perfectly fit. When it is not any of those, throw it out.

4. Make up that’s over six months old. Your make up should enhance your beauty not give you bacterial infections.

5. Goal weight clothings. Some women stack up a part of their wardrobe with clothes they believe they would wear when they finally lose weight enough to fit into. That’s the height of ridiculousness. Why? Because that is more depressing than it is motivating. For everytime you open your wardrobe and you see those clothes when your weight isn’t where you want it to be, you will be depressed. So save yourself the trauma and dash them out or sell them(whatever works for you) and give your wardrobe and self some little space.

6. Empty containers, plastic or whatever stuff you have in your room or house that you believe would be useful in the future and which has not been for over three months has to go. If you really needed them for other things, it would serve its purpose before its three months old.




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  1. Lol.. agreed!.. The sixth one sounds like something our mothers did a lot.. especially those plastic wedding souvenirs. Ugh.

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