Signs that He is a Loser

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From time to time, women attract their worst nightmare in a man. Most of the time, these women aren’t looking for the worst when they get the worst. I say “most” because some women(in their twisted minds) think it is okay to want “bad boys”, while I’m not about to discuss why that is mentally backward and a chronic emotional problem, I know some women look out to attract losers.

Now for women who do not hope to attract losers, who go to church every sunday adding it to their long list of prayer points and who do all they can to avoid this class of men, this one is for you.

If he has no job and he is doing absolutely nothing to change the situation, then you need to SPRINT! No time for running because he just might catch up so sprint. Say goodbye to his lazy ass and make yourself readily available to the next hardworking, focused and dedicated man.

If he keeps asking for money from you and keeps telling you “babe can I have a few thousands till next month?” When only just last week he asked for money he’s yet to pay? When he has turned the financial responsibility over to you and initiates you pick the bill all the time without the readiness to be responsible? You need to walk. And walk away fast because loser he is.

When all he does is weed and hangout with his guys (because of course he’s got no job) then something is fundamentally wrong. Before you wake up one morning and you are heartbroken because of a loser you should have been rid of months before, send Mr Smokie on his way.

If all he has to offer is sex, then show him out the door. A man who never shows that he cares, wouldn’t get up on his ass, wouldn’t find a job and who wouldn’t help in any way but brings only sex to the table is one who needs to get out of your life. There is more to a relationship than good sex and there is certainly more to life than good sex.

If he is a criminal or a lover of shady behaviour because for some amazing reason in his twisted mind he believes it is fun, then get rid of him. Whether Yahoo Yahoo (or whatever name internet fraud is called these days) or yahoo plus(isn’t that what the ones who partake in human rituals are called) or travelling out of the country to sell hard drugs(cocaine and its sisters) he is not good enough for you. A responsible man with good focus and who has regard for everything good would not be involved in anything shady. And a responsible man is what you deserve. Nothing less.



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