Seyi Shay opens up about touring with Beyonce and working with her dad, Matthew Knowles

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Seyi Shay is no stranger to the music industry. With singles, features, and even video cameos (she starred in Ajebutter 22’s Omo Pastor), the dark-skinned beauty is slowly becoming a household name.

In a recent interview, she talked about her early days in music, while she was in a group and was managed by Beyonce’s father, Matthew Knowles.

In her own words, “A year after my mum’s death, I joined a girl group called ‘From Above’, which was nurtured and managed by a man called Matthew Knowles. Matthew Knowles is Beyonce’s father. He founded Destiny’s Child and also managed Beyonce until 2010, and we were under his management for four years. While under his management we did some amazing things. I have been trained for four years in their camp. We toured with Beyonce actually; we opened shows for her in the UK. We performed in front of 15,000 people every night.”

“Beyonce is one of my biggest role models. I didn’t think much of Beyonce until I started working with her dad in America. And you don’t see Beyonce misbehaving; you don’t hear any tragic story of drug abuse and things like that about her because there is an instilled discipline in her. I feel fortunate enough that over the years, I have exercised that similar discipline because I have to struggle to achieve such things. Beyonce`s father used to tell us ‘you have a choice; you can focus on the rest of your life, you can focus on it right now. You can’t focus on the past and if you decide to focus on the rest of your life, you would live longer and stronger’, you know, he’s just guiding us through life really.”




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