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One of the biggest mysteries in life is trying to find out why men cheat on their women. Another mystery that is bigger than the aforementioned is the reason why men cheat on their beautiful spouses.

When a woman is hot, beautiful and is appealing to the senses in every way possible, the expectation is that her man would stick with her and have no reason whatsoever to look for anything more outside the relationship. This has however been proved wrong over the years, beauty has done little or nothing to reduce the high rate of cheating with men.

What might be wrong?

  1. Attitude- whether women like to admit it or not, one thing stands, if you have an attitude that sucks you cannot hold a man for long. No matter how pretty you are, no matter how hot you are, if you get a man based on your pretty looks, you need to be able to hold/keep him with your attitude. This goes to say that if you are pretty on the outside and ugly on the inside, then your man would cheat on you. He will find a woman somewhere with a better attitude. A woman who will realize respect is the word not rudeness. A woman who would not be selfish, who would not be cold, who would respect everybody around her man and her man.
  2. Get a life- most beautiful ladies forget life is deeper than the expensive extensions, fine pedicure/manicure and pretty clothes. They fail to realize that their lives need to feature more than sitting in front of the television watching reality shows/how to get prettier while they paint their nails. Men get turned on by women who have vision. Women who see beyond the vain things of life, women who have dreams and pursue those dreams. Women who are hardworkers and who don’t only think about today but tomorrow. If as a beautiful woman you don’t give these a thought, your man would get bored and irritated with your vanity and find a woman who thinks of more valuable things. he would find her and keep her.
  3. Good sex- some women know how to look good and rock their men’s boat. They give it to him so well under the sheets that he would forget his history. These women have little or no problems keeping their man. If you are a beautiful lady and you have “normal” sex, refusing to spice it up then you just might be giving your man a reason to find it somewhere else. You should be able to let your man lose his mind in the bedroom and be open to try new things. keep him coming back for more. If all you know how to do is to book facials, spa appointment and getting your legs waxed while neglecting the bedroom duties, your man might just be someone else’s before you know it.




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  1. Hahahaha! Rubbish! .. Anyone can be cheated on for the stupidest reasons.. beautiful, average, ugly… all join, even if you do all the right things, people cheat because they lack self control and respect for their significant other.
    Or just because they can and won’t be berated for it.
    I don’t want to say ‘we are all human and make mistakes’ but it is true… the way forward is not repeating mistakes and making your partner look like a fool.
    Or if you can’t hold it in, leave your partner.. then have fun. stop being greedy.

  2. This article sucks to be honest… cheat on their women for different reasons u can’t even comprehend.

  3. Hi Guys, if you concentrated on understanding this article well, you would realise that somewhere at the beginning, it states, “this is what might be wrong”. That goes to say in plain english that it could be the cause of the problem but not necessarily the cause. So nony25, the only thing that sucks here would be your inability to comprehend plain english. X

  4. This is interesting. It’s as though cheating is the woman’s fault, instead if addressing what’slacking in the man. It’s called cheating for a reason

  5. Wow. First word that came to mind when reading all of this… BULLSHIT. You are extremely ignorant on this matter and quite frankly, a dumb ass. “A woman who will realize respect is the word not rudeness.” ARE YOU SERIOUS? Any man who cheats obviously doesn’t have respect on the top of his priority list, you are really something else

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