Real Reasons Women Cheat

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Jumping into bed, having multiple sexual partners and getting turned on by sight are some of the numerous stereotypes attaches to men.

However, one thing you might not know is that when it comes to cheating, both sexes are more equal than you think.

Here are four reasons women cheat on their partners.

A. Not feeling celebrated–or wanted. Women love when they are complimented on their looks, dressing and food every once in a while. For women, compliments go more than the physical, it is an emotional thing for them. And when a woman gets compliments from a man she loves, it makes her feel good and a lot more happier than she might be at the moment.

When the compliments never come however, or when she starts looking for it and her man doesn’t give her, then she would start to find it somewhere else. Somewhere where she would believe she is loved.

So when a co-worker, a friend or male boss starts complimenting her, she would feel more loved and believe she is more noticeable to that person. When the issue of intimacy arises with such person, she is likely to cheat before she thinks.

B. Feeling a relationship is ending– when a woman feels her relationship is hitting the rocks, most time she finds a rock for support. Whether she is the one ending it or not, when she senses that the end is near, she would need support. Someone to hold on to, to talk to, to lean on his shoulder. And women like to be listened to, to be cuddled, to be heard.

If she finds someone who can offer her these during her “trying” period, a level of intimacy is likely to begin and “things” are 90percent likely to happen. Like they say, a shoulder to cry on may eventually be a dick to ride on!

C. If she is bored-women love to have fun. Not just shopping or attending parties or any other type of physical fun but emotional fun. Women love to laugh, so when a woman laughs a lot with a man, know she is happy. That she is in love. When a woman hardly laughs in a relationship and stress now overwhelms her smiling moments, she would begin to get bored and worse sad.

Then she would begin to look for ways to stay happy. Whoever offers this happiness at this period becomes her saviour. She is likely to stay more with this person and become emotionally into this new person.

D. The sex– no, men aren’t the only ones who love good sex in relationships. Women do too. And you know what, when it goes bad, women don’t like it too!

When the sex goes from fair to bad to worse or from irregular to non-existent, a woman begins to want more.

Men aren’t the only one who don’t attach emotions to sex. Women have the ability to also separate pure lust from love. A woman who decides she wants more sex than what she is getting can step out of the relationship to get some every once in a while.



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