Photos: The Future Awards Symposium Ekiti #tfasymposium

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Here are photos from Ekiti. The Government of Ekiti State hosted over a hundred Nigerian youths at The Ikogosi Resort, Ekiti between April 5 and 7, for the 2nd edition of The Future Awards Symposium. We journeyed through the south-western highways early Friday morning, and were at it for about 4 hours.

Photography by Segun Adekoye



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The Dinner at the Ekiti State House with Gov. Kayode Fayemi


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The Sessions

P1040141 P1040143 P1040163 P1040171 P1040174 P1040176 P1040182 P1040183 P1040196 P1040201 P1040203 P1040215 P1040216 P1040219 P1040220 P1040224 P1040230 P1040235 P1040237 P1040247 P1040249 P1040263 P1040271 P1040137

Inside Ikogosi

my hotel room

P1040063 P1040076 P1040080 P1040082 P1040085 P1040087 P1040092 P1040100 P1040106 P1040115 P1040120 P1040122 P1040123


P1040272 P1040273 P1040274 P1040278 P1040280

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