Petty Relationship Mistakes

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There’s that little mistake or issue that you can’t seem to over look in your partner because you just wonder, why can’t he/she just stop?

1. The teeny weeny mistakes– your partner leaves the toilet seat open or wouldn’t say “excuse me” when he sneezes or your woman won’t pay attention to the car the way she should. These are things that might be terrible habits your partner exhibits which you can’t let go, but ask yourself, which would you rather let go? The partner or the habits?

2. Arguments– not the big ones now, the ones you both get into after a long/busy day at work. The ones that look and sound ridiculous the next morning when you re-evaluate them.

Here’s a suggestion, try and avoid discussing major issues that might lead to arguments after a certain time on working days(because this is when you are mostly stressed) and leave them till the next morning. You would certainly feel in a better mood the next day to discuss these things.

3. Interferring family members– some of them can’t just stay away no matter the numerous subtle ways you try to get rid of them. They just keep popping up when unexpected and when they aren’t needed.

Do this; if it is your partner’s folks that won’t stop popping in, then have a decent talk with your partner and tell him/her you love his/her people but they need to respect your privacy. Then tell him/her that he/she would have to handle it at this point by calmly telling his folks to back off.

4. Don’t let romance go– at the beginning of the relationship, you can’t seem to get enough of each other. Now that you are a year old or more, you don’t seem to have time for the things you used to do anymore. Now you don’t say “I love you” or kiss or hold hands anymore. What most people fail to realise is, these little affectionate things affect the relationship when they aren’t there.

Always find a way to incoporate them in your relationship/marriage. Even if you are married with kids, find a nanny or drop the kids off at your parents and find time for each other. When you watch tv, hold hands. Kiss each other randomly. Call to say “I love you”. Keep the little things there. Don’t lose sight of them.

5. Sex should never become a chore – don’t let sex become a chore for you. NEVER. For most couples, this happens after a few years of staying together. They have become so used to each other that they don’t enjoy it anymore but do it as a routine.

Read erotic books to each other, buy sex toys, watch porn if it would help to try new things. Role play can also be incoporated. Send your man a random text that says “Let’s fuck tonight” or tell your woman on the phone the things you can’t wait to do to her when she gets home. Women, take charge and “rape” your men. Keep it fresh on the bed.

6. Money– most couples have different views and attitude to money. This is very okay, I mean, both of you weren’t raised the same way or born in the same family so it is okay for financial views to totally differ. Even siblings don’t share this same view sometimes.

Sit down and calmly discuss your differences however. The power of communication can’t be underestimated. Tell him why a plasma is more important than yet another home theatre. Tell her why you need the air conditioner more than the washing machine. Reach an agreement that suits you both and have your problems solved.



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