Omawumi – “My boobs are beautiful” (Photos)

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Nigerian Idol runner-up Omawumi is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, but along with a powerful voice, the singer also has a very sexy body.

Answering a question on why her boobs popped out at an event, singer revealed that, “because I have small shoulders and my boobs are actually beautiful, I tend to wear revealing upper body dresses.”

She added that, “when you are looking at the mirror, you are not well as tall as to see how troublesome it could be. That dress has feathers in the front of it and before I left my hotel room, I asked someone if the dress was okay and she said yes.”

“So, I wore the dress to the show and when I was performing at the show, of course, paparazzi took my pictures and released them. I realized that my boobs were practically pouring out of my dress, there was no way I could have put my boobs back.”





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  1. this is not African but madnes out of emulation. Omowumi u are exposg ur breast leta it wil b ur whole body like RIHANNA or other American demons.

  2. what’s yr biz with what she wore what ‘s being African about it cz she didn’t wait to be relegated to the ground like d way African women did in the past.

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