Nip Slip: Nicki Minaj gets almost naked in swimsuit malfunction

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When Young Money’s FemCee Nicki Minaj recently posted a photo of herself in a very skimpy swimsuit for her video shoot for her hot single “High School“, we all thought “it wouldn’t be a Nicki Minaj music video without her nipples popping out”! Guess we were right!


Nicki Minaj has never had a problem showing some skin, but the singer recently flashed a little too much on the set of her new music video.


In terms of nipple slips, this latest Nicki Minaj’s bathing suit malfunction wins bras down. We are definitely not complaining, but from the looks of the photos and video – no one on the production crew was letting her know her nipples had slipped out!


Her Swimsuit wardrobe malfunction happened when Nicki (and her nipples) were filming a jacuzzi scene on the “High School” video set with Lil Wayne. In Nicki’s new video blog below documenting the making of her “High School” video, she has a double nip slip (covered by stars, of course) while splashing around in a hot tub.


nicki_swimsuit5 nicki_swimsuit2

Lil Wayne was hospitalised after filming these scenes after a series of unexplained seizures. Hopefully it had  nothing to do with Nicki’s nipple slip.

Wayne has since left the hospital and is probably working on a new single – Double Stars inspired by -well you guessed it – Nicki’s double slip-ups-downs.

As you might have guessed, this isn’t the first time Nicki (and her nipples) have made news. Let’s do a quick run down –

First was her full breakfast nip starter when her nipple came out on live TV on Good Morning America in 2011


Then there was her recent feature on French Montana Freaks“, where she just had gold stars stuck over her nipples.

nicki_minaj_freaks nicki_minaj_freaks2

In November 2012, the “Super Bass” singer suffered a nip slip while appearing on a live broadcast of “The Re-Up” on BET

If you’d like to see some more behind the scenes footage of Nicki and her nipples making the video for High School you can watch this video here. Don’t get distracted by all the stars up in the place.

Watch the revealing video below and tell us what you think





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