Nigerian Hair Vs Peruvian Hair: Which is Getting More of Your Attention?

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But if a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering. – King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)

A writer went further to say;  “…it is a glory to her; it is comely and beautiful; it is agreeable to her sex, she looks like herself; it becomes and adorns her”

I’m not here to preach. Just see this, as me making reference to a book I read.

Why then sister, have you chosen to favor your Malaysian, Brazilian, Peruvian hair over the hair that comes out of your head? Somebody feels sidelined because Darling Yaki is not in my list? No? That, is disposable, so not my focus in this post in terms of the attention lavished on the hair.

You can have all the money in the world to buy all the ‘real’ human hair extensions ever produced. You can fix all the hair and compete favorably in terms of looks with Beyonce or even the original owners of the hair you now take so much pride in. But if you’re not taking care of the hair that comes out of your head, that’s an EPIC FAIL!

After investing so much money in having a collection of the best human hair, we go a few steps further to invest in the best shampoos and conditioners to keep that unknown woman’s hair in tip-top shape.

Nobody knows what your natural hair looks like. Infact, nobody except your hairstylist may ever know, because beneath all the celebrity weave, is your nutrient and moisture starved hair with probably receding hairline. You take off your weave only in the salon and replace with another immediately. Not like that should be a problem, but if you’re doing that because you think your hair is too bad to let anyone see, then maybe its time you focused on treating your hair rather than hiding it.

A friend sent me a particular picture.  You’ll be amazed at how terrible the state of some ladies’ hair has become.

Source: BBM The Dark Secret beneath that weave
Source: BBM
The Dark Secret beneath that weave

Some people due to no fault of theirs have receding hairline and other hair issues caused by infections, but if you’re lucky, its not too late to get treated.

Even the Bible’s emphasis is on ‘her’ hair. Not Suhailah Fatimah’s hair (That’s the Malaysian woman’s name. The one you stripped of her glory. Hehe).

We should put more effort into growing our own healthy hair. And even if you belong to the class of people who like to keep it short, make sure your scalp and hair is healthy.

Some people are blessed with good genes and they have their hair intact with little or no care. Sadly some of us have to put in extra extra effort to make it happen. To the ones with good genes, imagine what a little attention will do to your hair. Those who don’t find it so easy, you probably are not doing the right things yet.

Shout out to my  Afrodiva friend Preye Ombu a.ka. Preyonce;

My AfroDiva's Natural hair on the left side and her Brazillian weave on the right
Source:myafricanhairitage blog                                                                                                                                                                                    My AfroDiva’s Natural hair on the left side and her Brazillian weave on the right

Watching  her hair growth journey over the years has inspired so many of us. In just three and half years, she made us truly believe Naija hair can grow. Worthy of note is the fact that she has had the issue of ‘no front hair’ before. And she grew all this hair from the big chop (low cut or Teenie Weenie Afro) in just three and half years. Her consistency deserves commendation everyday. Thanks to her, I decided to take hair care seriously this year. You should too. You can choose to go natural like my friend (which I think is really sexy by the way); no relaxer or you can stay perming. Choice is yours. Either way, taking care of your hair is taking care of yourself.

Natural hair, NO Relaxer
My AfroDiva’s hair is all Natural hair, NO Relaxer.

I would share tips from time to time (the ones she shares with me :D). But first, you need to resolve in your heart that you’ll treat your hair better. Lets say goodbye to the days when you are too shy to leave your natural hair out for even half of one day.

It takes a lot of patience and consistency, but in the end its really worth it.

Cheers…to a fresh start.

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  1. Mtcheww I’ve been natural for over 2 years now and my hair hasn’t grown past 5 inches, i follow all the instructions, my sister who has been natural for just a year, her hair is already longer than mine and she doesn’t even do anything to take care of her hair, I guess i’m just an unfortunate one. team weave jor.

    1. Hi Elle 🙂
      I hope you understand that I haven’t said anyone should ditch their weaves. I’m also not advocating for leaving your hair in its virgin state strictly. Regardless of whether you chose braid, wear weaves or relax your hair, I only wish people would give their own hair some tender loving while at it.

      As for your hair, I don’t know your hair routine but I recall mentioning the role our genes play so you cant expect that everyone’s hair will grow at the same pace. Using same products as your biological sister is no guarantee they’ll work for your hair. But it WILL respond if you find the right products that suit YOUR hair. And truly be CONSISTENT.

      Have you tried JBCO (Jamaican black castor oil) though? Its really effective.
      Good luck.

    2. My dear, Is there anything out there that i haven’t tried? I’ve tried JBCO, Biotin, Shea butter, grape seed oil, in fact I’ve tried literally everything that can be tried on the market with no good results. So since my hair has refused to grow i’ll keep rocking braids and weaves while still maintaining my short natural hair.

  2. This is a great post.I think(in my opinion) that most people dont know how to care for their own hair.and they just take the easy way out or that good hair should look a certain way.i for example never had any clue about how to take care of my hair except to slap relaxers on it every 4months or so and even enduring the possibility of sore scalp due to the harshness of the relaxer until i got pregnant and i’d had srories of pregnant women whose hair never straightened or that the relaxer burn was intensified because of their state. So i had to learn about my real hair and how to deal with it. Because lets face it,if i cant care for mine,what if i had a baby girl? Would i slap relaxer on her head at such a tender age because of the age old myth that our hair is “bad hair”or “unmanagable”?i admit theres a whole lot of learning to do but we must first get over the good hair/bad hair notion. All hair is good hair.its been 1yr,11mths since my last relaxer and a whole 14 months since i started over(note that im not against relaxers,i just got tired of the pain). I enjoy that im able to wear any style i please even weaves sometimes but most of all,i enjoy the freedom of being able to wear my own hair.i know i dont have to look like a certain race to be beautiful. Dont get me wrong,sometimes,i still have a love- hate relationship with my still learning but im loving the experience and now,my hair has become like an accessory. So when i wear wigs/weaves/braids,its not because im ashamed of my hair but because i enjoy versatility.
    Also may i add that each individual is different so what works for Miss A may not necessarily work for Miss B.

  3. @Elle,all i can say is for you to have patience. Even identical twins arent dont always have identical physiology. Also,do not compare anyone’s journey(hair journey) to yours. What works for Mr A.may not necessarily work for you. For some,very simple routines (like weekly/bi-weekly wash and condition)is enough while for some,they have to do a lot to achieve the results a person with simple routine has. What im saying in essence is,find what works for YOU.i for example cannot put any natural oils on my scalp,silicone laced products work for me,i moisturise maybe 2/3 times per week before my next wash and leave my hair alone for the rest of the time and so far,it has worked for me. Dont follow any hype. I hope you get more courage to follow through on you quest for a healthy natural hair. Have a great day

  4. This is a very nice article and gives in-depth information. Thanks for this nice article, which is a really good to read. I must admit that you are one of the best bloggers I ever saw.

  5. OMG!!!!!! am so jealous of ur afro diva’s hair…am sure my hair’s jes cursed…av re-started and re-started again, but still, afta a while, it just begins to fall off @ d short of ideas..pls suggest reasonable hair regimen i can follow or natural hair treatments..tanks!

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