New Updates: Boston Marathon Bombings

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Following the Boston Marathon Bombings, 360nobs is bringing you live updates from the event.

FRIDAY MORNING: The Boston region is in the midst of a security emergency as a manhunt is under way for one of the suspects in Monday’s bombings that killed three and injured more than 170 people. A second suspect was killed early Friday morning after leading the police on a wild chase following the fatal shooting of a campus police officer.

FRIDAY AFTERNOON: Massachusetts State Police said that there would be a “controlled explosion” on Norfolk Street in Cambridge later this afternoon. That is the location that police identified earlier today as being the possible home of the suspect. The State Police said the controlled explosion would take place to ensure the safety of the law enforcement officers at the scene. A reason for alerting people about this step is so that they would not be alarmed should they hear an explosion in Cambridge.

Meanwhile, the Watertown police chief said there had been a lot of heroic actions in the last few hours. Then he said: “I want to speak to the Watertown commuity. You have done great. But we need some more time. You have to stay in your homes. Stay in place.”

FRIDAY EVENING: Much of Boston’s transportation system followed the rest of the city into lockdown mode Friday as authorities hunted for one of the suspects in this week’s deadly marathon bombings.

All modes of transit operated by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority — including rail, subway, buses and ferries — were halted Friday at the request of the police, according to Joe Pesaturo, an MBTA spokesman. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation cautioned travelers via Twitter not to wait at stations or bus stops.

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