New Apple product: Mike Anyasodo changes stage name to iMike, signs with H-Man

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Singer Mike Anyasado has signed with H-Man’s August Pee entertainment, and has changed his stage name to iMike.

The label’s press release states:

With joy and pride, August Pee Entertainment, a newly birthed record label in Nigeria, presents the rebirth of Mike Anyasodo, MTN Project Fame season two winner, as iMike.

The deal signed by H.Man’s led August Pee’s Entertainment will see Mike Anyasodo being known as iMike and August Entertainment, handling the recording, promotion and release of materials that will
birth iMike’s sophomore album. To ensure a worthy comeback for the young lad, August Pee Entertainment has engaged the services of a high flying music producer Mr.Chido to produce two blazzing hot singles for iMike.

The two songs titled For my head and Ada, will be released under seven days with ” for my head” coming as a free internet download while “Ada” is the main single that will see iMike, take his rightful place as a leading star. Pictures and Images are key in projecting every major song in the buzzling Nigerian Music industry hence the decision of August Pee Entertainment to enlist two of Africa’s ace
cinematographers; Clarence Peters and Adasa Squareballs to deliver the pictural interpretation of iMike’s two singles.

Speaking to the ever elated Mike who is now known as iMike. this writer got the following confession, “first it was a rumor, now I am confirming to you that August Pee is leading the attack of my return to the music industry, meaning August Pee is home and my label. I signed on to them because my CEO for one is young, very experienced in the business and has other partners and staff who are top notch professionals who are all doing good. To prove this, check how hot Splash, my label mate is doing”, he affirmed.

For the CEO of August Pee Entertainment- Humprey Okeke who is popularly known as iMike is the best kept secret of the Nigerian music industry that is about to be released and the evidence that sponsors of music reality shows have not wasted their funds “All I can say is Mike is back for real as iMike, a game changer is here with a change of name just watch out for him”, H.Man concluded .



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