MusedMinds: Letter to My Ex

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I thought you were the best thing.
I thought you were real.
I thought you were the one.
I thought there was nothing better.
I thought there was only you.
I never for one day, thought myself the fool.

So many dreams I had in deceit.
So many dreams that will never come true.
Ha! Not with you anymore I mean.
I thought I loved you o!
At least I was extremely honest about it. You loved me too… I think!

I mean You did things that people that are in love do.

You listened attentively.
You listened with all your heart.
You told me all your secrets.
You were always there even when I was tired and didn’t want you.
You showed me what I thought love felt like.
You really blew my mind.

But why go through all of this and still leave me?
Why go through all these years,
Endure all this stress and still leave me?!

I was only going to be out for a while.
I was working “For the both of us” I said.
I told you we needed this.
I had plans for the both of us.
So I needed to do something about it.
For me and you.
ME and YOU!

I would never lie to you about what I did so I told you.
I admit its nothing a young man would be proud of.
But it seemed like the only available option at the time.
You saw this too.
You saw it.

All those time we soaked garri together –
The nights without food.
Did you forget?
If you did, well I haven’t o!
Endless sex and love assurances.
All the things I said and everything you said back.
Now we are over.
Na wa o!

I will never regret meeting you.
I do not hate you either.
Matter of fact I still love you and would do anything within my power to fix you.

I have a girlfriend now though.
I’m sure you figured.
You know her.
You do.
Well, That one is the girl I’m in love with.
That is the one I would do ANYTHING in the world for.
She doesn’t need fixing.
She seems (ALMOST) perfect. Well for now at least!

I don’t think she will ever leave.
This one loves me I’m sure.
Just as I was sure with you, yes, but 10 times more.
I have new plans now and you’re not in the picture.

Well you’ll still be in it… But just a shadow and faint noise behind the breeze.

I know you wished you never left.
But I think fate brought me out of it.
You too get wahala abeg!
Your fixing no be here o!

I know this ’cause I was very sure you wouldn’t cheat on me.
Ah! You?!
I could even bet my life for you.
My friends… Now I know why they looked me the way they did then,
Thinking you would stick around forever was the mistake.

I will always pray for you.



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