MusedMinds: Honey Trap

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She draws him into the room playfully by his fancy tie and closes the door behind her.

“This is my room as you can see” she says dryly, motioning him to the seat adjacent the table laden with promotional pamphlets from the hotel she is lodged at.

“Quite a fancy one. You must be well to do” he says, taking in the huge king-sized bed sitting at the centre of the room.

She laughs and he looks at her. “You have this knack of laughing all of a sudden. As much as I love it, just what is the source of your amusement now?” he asks, raising an eyebrow in mock indignation.

She sits on the table, facing him, a small smile playing at the corner of her lips.


Aware of her close proximity, he shifts the chair he’s perched on backwards slightly. Her smile blooms.


“Yes. You.” She leans in and touches his chest lightly her fingers tracing imaginary lines on his tie, before sitting back up.

“What did I do?”

“Hmmmm…” she murmurs, standing.  She walks to the bed and sits down. Keeping her eyes locked on his, she begins to take off her shoes.

“I intrigue you. Mentally, I do. We have the same interest and hobbies.” She places her bare feet on the rug and sighs, eyes closed, throwing her head back. He watches her every movement, his eyes drawn to the beautiful symmetry of her neck and collar bone. They stray to her cleavage.

“I intrigue you physically too” she murmurs and slumps on the bed, watching him watch her body, splayed with such abandon.

“Yet, you still shy away from me…” She pauses. “I am not asking you for anything serious…” she sighs. “Come help me unzip my dress. Suddenly so tired…”

He swallows and like a robot he walks to the bed. She turns and lies on her belly, allowing him a view of her back zipper. Slowly, he pulls the tiny zip down, eyes taking in the rich caramel colour of her skin, lingering on the flimsy black lacy bra hook.

“The hook too. I believe you know how to remove those…” her muffled voice says from her position. As if afraid to make contact with her skin, he gingerly unhooks her brassiere. Tentatively, he allows his fingers linger on her back, slowly tracing her spine. Her shiver of pleasure breaks him out of his reverie and he jolts, standing up.

She turns. “Why did you stop?”

He swallows hard. “I shouldn’t be here” he whispers

She sits up, allowing her dress fall to reveal her lacy bra. “Then why are you here?” she asks, a well-pencilled eyebrow cocked in amusement.

He says nothing, eyes firmly glued to her chest. He realises he’s staring and averts his eyes coughing to hide his embarrassment. Suddenly uncomfortable, he unknots his tie.

“I am not asking you for anything serious. Just…company for the night.” She pauses licking her lips. She continues. “We’re strangers who would never meet again. Think about it while I go change.”

Without waiting for his reply, she walks into another door, her shapely derriere disappearing from his view.

“Hell!” he mutters, sitting on the bed, rubbing his face brusquely and taking off his tie. He gets up and paces about.
“Why am I here?” he whispers to himself. He sits back down. “I should leave. I should…”

He takes a deep breath. “But…” his eyes stray to the door she went into.

Before he can make up his mind, the door opens and she steps out.

“Damn…” he whispers.

She has changed into a thin, silky chemise that barely touches her knees. She sashays and sits beside him. Without looking at him, she begins to unbutton his shirt slowly, allowing her fingers linger. Shyly she looks up to see his stare, dark and inscrutable on her. She smiles and his hands cup her face, caressing the curve of her lips.

“You have a beautiful smile” he growls, allowing his thumb run down her chin to her neck.

Suddenly, she knocks his hand aside and with force pushes him to the bed. She straddles him, her legs holding his torso down. She laughs at the confusion and stark desire in his eyes.

“You want me. Say it” she bends to whisper into his ear, biting an earlobe.

“I want you…” he groans softly, stroking her bare arms.

“I know you do. Wait.”

She releases him and walks away into another door. He stays on the bed, bemused, breathing heavily.

She comes back in, one hand behind her back hiding something.

“Got something special for you” she whispers, going back to her former position.

He holds her by the waist, pressing her into him. “What baby?”

Her sly smile. “Close your eyes”

He smiles and obeys. Slowly, she places the cold, sharp edge of the meat cleaver she has hidden on his neck.

His eyes jolt open in surprise and shock.

“No sudden movements!” She whispers harshly, eyes flashing dangerously. “You don’t want my hand to slip and cut your jugular do you?”

He stills, swallowing hard, eyes on the weapon in her hand. “What…is this?”

She laughs, using the cleaver to caress his neck, jawline. She places the metal edge on his lips.

“Kiss it!”

He does, tremors slowly taking over his body.

She kisses it too, eyes on him as she licks the sharp edge of the knife with a broad stroke.

“Can we just….”

“Shut up!” she screams suddenly, pressing the edge hard on his Adam’s apple. “Don’t you dare interrupt!”

His eye widens in panic, trying not to breathe,afraid to get cut.

“This as you asked is part of our ritual…” she smiles seductively and drops a soft kiss on his lips. He trembles at the word ritual.

“Is……a ritualist?” he asks, bug eyed.

She throws back her head in laughter.

She stops abruptly, frowning at him and suddenly grins. “Nope! Guess again!”

She presses the knife harder to his throat “And this time, if you are wrong, you die!”

His breath hitches, struggling to breath. He shakes his head ever so slightly so as not to dislodge the sharp edge on his throat. “Dunno” he croaks.

She smiles at him. “Good answer. You don’t know. SO SHUT UP!”

She withdraws the knife from his throat and savagely holds it to his chest.

“Yes, I might be a ritualist” she whispers. “But this isn’t for money. Oh no. I have enough of that. This…” she stops, directing the knife to his stomach, smiling.

Beads of sweat rolls down his face as he feels the sharp edge prick his stomach.

She bends forward again. “Kiss me like you mean it or you will be packing your intestines soon” she growls.

Shakily, he places a tiny kiss on her proffered lips. She presses the knife harder and with a yelp, he places a firmer kiss on her lips.

She withdraws and he breathes a little sigh of relief. Silence reigns for a few seconds.

“Can…we…talk..?” he murmurs.

She smiles sweetly. “Yes.”

He nods slowly. “Why…?”

She shrugs. “It’s all part of the ritual. Mother requires it.”


She nods, smiling almost like a child. “Yes. Mother. She is here but you can’t see her. And it is you she needs. If you cooperate…” she giggles.


Her eyes widen. “Please? But…” she laughs and stops. Suddenly she begins to cry.

“I….loved me?”

He frowns in confusion. He tries to move and suddenly she glares at him.


He stops immediately, petrified.

She smiles wildly and bursts into another round of laughter.

She raises the cleaver over her head with both hands.

His eyes widen with realisation. “Pleasepleaseplease” he mumbles, tongued-tied, shaking with fright.

“You are needed for the covenant…” she mumbles and suddenly begins to cry again.

She jumps off him and runs to the other side of the bed, holding herself, shaking, staring at the thin air, as if hiding from an attacker.

“I’m sorry Mother. I’m sorry Mother I’m sorry Mother” she whispers, afraid.

He gets up shakily, eyeing her on the bed, backing off slowly.

Suddenly she stares at him and slowly points at him. “There he is Mother. Take him! TAKE HIM! TAKE HIM!”

She lets out an ear-piercing scream and as if prodded, he makes a dash for the door, hands trembling as he fumbled with the knob.

Finally he is able to yank the door open and runs out to and down the hallway.

She stands slowly and walks to the door to make sure he’s gone, a small smile playing on her lips. Suddenly she burst into fits of laughter, tears of mirth in her eyes as she closes the door.

After composing herself, she brings out a phone, flips it open and dials a number.

“Yes. Mrs Badejo. Cilia reporting. Mission accomplished. Yes. He just left.” She chuckled again, holding a snort in. “Yes Ma. Mr Badejo would be remaining faithful to you for a very long time”

She ends the call and snaps her phone shut, chuckling.

“Foolish man!”



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