Mused Minds: It Was

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“Bring my phones downstairs when you’re coming… and hurry up!” Mum beckoned from the dining table.

I rushed to pick the novel I had been trying to complete for months. The title of this book is

“There was a country”

I actually never bought the book. How it got to me is still very thrilling to my cranky little mind but what’s important, is the fact that I have it. It’s a fascinating book written by Chinua Achebe of blessed memories. I feel really honored to have it.

I put the book in my bag hurriedly before answering mum who was eagerly awaiting my response.

“OK ma!” I yelled in response.

You see, today already started great. There wasn’t any fight or argument this morning in dad’s room. I heard mummy wish daddy a happy birthday and also heard him utter a few words in reply. Although it sounded more like a righteous response, mum wasn’t mad.

We already planned a surprise party for daddy at his favorite lounge. We, me and mum, were driving to the lounge to make sure everything was set. I sat in the passenger’s seat and fastened my seat belt. It was 5:17:20PM.


“Bring my phones downstairs when you’re coming… and hurry up!” I yelled to Jasmine from the dining table.

I didn’t want anything to go wrong. It was time to put an end to all the torture and worries I had made myself accept blindly. I checked the side pocket of my bag again. Everything was perfect. I had waited all my life for this day.

Even when I wished him a happy birthday this morning, his tongue was too heavy to move. I felt like a sharp knife had cut through me – still it was OK. Why get upset when the dart is close to the bull’s eye? There was no need.

I’m only going to be sorry for Jasmine. She doesn’t deserve a man like this as a father figure. This is a mess I’ve created and I have only myself to blame. I grabbed the car keys, entered the car and waited for Jasmine. She smiled as she sat in the passenger’s seat.

“Use your seatbelt.” I reminded her.

It was easy. The drink would be poisoned. The event planners would be blamed. It was 5:17:26PM.


She nags. She nags so much that I hate her. I may not be the best husband but that’s totally her fault. The only good thing she’s given us is Jasmine. Jasmine, my little pearl; I would do anything for her – anything but respect her mother.

This morning she had wished me a happy birthday. I saw no reason for it; I knew it wasn’t from her heart anyway. I had caused her too much pain for her to wish me well. I replied her quietly to avoid any arguments. It was her way of handling things.

I’m happier with Juliet. I can’t help but think why I did not meet her before Jasmine’s mum. She was homely, loving, beautiful… a complete package. Today I‘m giving her half of everything I’ve ever owned – more like my birthday giveaway. She has made life worth living for me even when my home seems to me the very meaning of hell. I feel like there’s no better way to appreciate her.

It was fun spending my entire day with this woman. All documents were signed including that, which certifies her as my mistress, worthy of half my property.

As we ate, I got a text from Jasmine.

“Daddy, please I’m stuck at Rajae’s lounge; I’ve got a flat tyre. Please come through. Jas”

I left Juliet with a kiss and promised to be back in the morning. It was 5:36:02PM.


Juliet picked her phone and dialed the last number.


“He just left,”

“No, He’s heading towards Rajae’s Lounge.”

“As we agreed, make it clean.”

“No no no… no excuses. Leave no stones unturned,”

“I’ve paid that in already, you get the balance when he’s dead… with no forensic evidence.”

“Good. Thank you”

It was 5:44:19PM.



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