Mixed Reactions Trail Karen Igho’s Guest Appearance On M-Net Soap Opera TINSEL

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Apparently i wasn’t the only one who had qualms seeing Big Brother Amplified winner, Karen Igho, on TINSEL as there are mixed reactions online with regards to her inclusion to the cast of the soap.

The model made her debut on the AfricanMagic soap, Tinsel last night with her role likely to recur for a while. Watching the episode it wasn’t that difficult to figure out that Karen is a newbie to acting as she didn’t let her character flow but rather had a quick and stiff manner which would make someone cringe and if that didn’t do the trick, her dialogue certainly would.

The Net had a chat with Karen about her decision to start acting to which she had this to share; “I didn’t study acting, but I believe that there’s nothing that one cannot do once one can set his or her mind to that thing”.

While it’s difficult to gauge the difference in ratings of Tinsel for the duration Karen would be a guest on the show, twitter users have been divided on her inclusion in the soap as seen in some tweets below from @isssegrace, @fateemahIzah, @Triciaduchess, @pizzazz890, @fomizu, @rewardsrhetoric and @Karen_Igho

The upside is, Karen is ready to work on her acting but let’s not be quick to expect a stellar performance from her anytime soon. Wonder if she could sing though…

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Mistah Cole

Mistah Cole

is a Nigerian-born Music critic and movie blogger


  1. Thot tinsel has some level of standard but bringing in Karen with her low level personality,stupid error filled english and the worst irritatin is her voice. Honestly am gonna stop watchin like all my househld did for karen sake. Tinse suck now wt her.

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