LOYALWEAR – An Eco-Friendly Brand Developed by A Young Nigerian launches in the US.

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This is probably a good time to celebrate some of the good stuff out there. For all the negativity we see and hear out there, there are still many Nigerians out there who are standing up to be counted for what’s right. People who are challenging the status quo, shattering barriers and setting examples on different scales: large and small. The project featuring on this page is one of them.

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Loyal Wear founder/designer, Adesina Adeyemi a.k.a Shyne, born in the early 80s.  Spent his childhood in Nigeria(studied Sociology in Universtiy of Ilorin) before moving to Poland to further his education where he obtained a Masters degree in Economy and Society. While in Poland, he pursued a runway fashion modeling career and had the opportunity to work with notable brands such as; H & M, Diverse and Cropptown. Having noticed the use of toxic materials, unethical manufacturing processes in producing most apparels worldwide and the lack of support for environmental sustainability from apparel manufacturers in the fashion industry, he picked up an interest in Eco friendly clothing. Coincidentally, when he met his wife, Lovelie, she was working on creating her own line of skirts and blazers for ladies, hence they partnered and Loyal Wear was born in 2010.  At the moment, the store is online but plans are ongoing to acquire locations in certain cities within the United States, Warsaw and major African cities in the near future.

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The fashion project is currently being featured on kickstarter, U.S. number one crowd funding platform, where you can both buy their products at very low prices and at the same time contribute towards the launch of their next edition/release of apparel. In April 2013, they plan to officially begin sales of products via their website and will ship worldwide.

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The Loyal Wear brand is Eco-friendly and every one of their products are manufactured using high standards to ensure environmental sustainability. They have partnered with vendors that have passed inspections under strict guidelines and can ensure that every product that is manufactured out of their plants is harmless to their loyalists who wear them and to our cherished environment. Recently, the demand for toxic-free fashion apparels has never been as high among activists and consumers that are uniting behind the idea that the clothes they buy should carry a story they can be proud of not the residues of hazardous chemicals that are harmful to our ecosystem and human body; this is why we keep our story simple yet real. The brand is a mix of technology meeting culture in our everyday original life.

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Says Loyal Wear Founder, Shyne: “Our daily commitment is to provide you with the best valued apparel for men and women, our initial production includes but are not limited to; shirts, blazers, sweatshirts, polo tops, skirts and coats. We encourage you to stay true to your originality. We understand that people change, styles change, but our commitment to ensuring your satisfaction never changes”.

For more info:

Call  +1 470 723 2459 or Email info@loyalwearllc.com

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/LoyalWear | Twitter: @loyalwear | Website: www.loyalwearllc.com

CLICK THE Kickstarter project page NOW, Be Part Of A Change! 

Let’s support our own, kindly ff them on twitter, like their fb page and support the kickstarter project with any suitable funds you have.

God bless the Naija Youth spirit, God bless you!



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