LOOKBOOK: Akpos Okudu’s Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

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Akpos Okudu describes her collection as a dream to put together. “Often my art imitates life and this collection really captures this new phase in my life and the direction for the Akpos Okudu label, a little older, a little sexier. Unleash your inner siren! “

The collection has jewel toned satin, lace and chiffon fabrics working together to create an elegant fluid effect.  Dresses have bias cut necklines, gathered waist lines, a-line cuts which just drape over the full African woman’s figure.

I personally love this collection, please view.

Akpos Okudu SS1301_360NoBS.com Akpos Okudu SS1302_360NoBS.com Akpos Okudu SS1303_360NoBS.com Akpos Okudu SS1304_360NoBS.com Akpos Okudu SS1305_360NoBS.com Akpos Okudu SS1306_360NoBS.com Akpos Okudu SS1307_360NoBS.com Akpos Okudu SS1308_360NoBS.com Akpos Okudu SS1313_360NoBS.com Akpos Okudu SS1314_360NoBS.com Akpos Okudu SS1315_360NoBS.com Akpos Okudu SS1316_360NoBS.com



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