Janet Jackson converts to Islam, retires from music

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Multiple award-winning singer Janet Jackson has reportedly become a Muslim.

According to Fox 5 News, the pop icon will be putting down the microphone for good and leaving the country to become a Muslim. Rob Shuter told the news outlet that Jackson, who married billionaire Wissam Al Mana, is tired of the arduous business and will be moving to the Middle East and converting to Islam.

Jackson and Wissam wed last year in a secret ceremony, and they are looking to continue that privacy away from the paparazzi.



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    1. I’m Glad to see Janet so Happy and to get the heck rout the the craziness of the music business, I know her brother loved music and dancing and entertaining people, but the craziness of the business and the fame, Look what it did to him! God bless You Janet and your new life!!!!

  1. sounds great’ if u can try nd realis God at ur own intrest nt just that one millioniar propose 2u’ though i accpted he’s ur benefactor 2knw God. bt u must try nd realis Allah nd seek forgivnes of ur sin nd fully repent to nevr go back. God shal bless all ur endeouvor

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