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‘Lui’ is a relatively new clothing line which was established in 2010 but only just going mainstream.  The name ‘LUI’ is derived from the designer’s name, Lucy.  LUI is an upcoming female fashion line that focuses on made to measure and ready to wear contemporary African inspired designs for young adults.

LUI shares her current collection named ‘ReBirth’. The collection is about letting go of the past, taking a deep breath and starting afresh with a more matured outlook.  In creating this collection, LUI has also tapped into the influence of other well established designers .

Check out some of the pieces from the collection.

Liu 'Rebirth' Liu 'Rebirth' 2013image (1) Liu 'Rebirth' 2013image (2) Liu 'Rebirth' 2013image (3) Liu 'Rebirth' 2013image (4) Liu 'Rebirth' 2013image (5)

Photography by: studio 24
Make up by: Kaka Eva-Offiah; glitterz make up:
Styling by: Munia; Style oracle

Email: | Facebook: @its_lui, @missedwins



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