Dhamani’s Mused Minds: In Her Eyes

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I usually can tell how she feels by looking in her eyes

She knows so she tries to hide it

But behind the mask, behind the veil and the “I’m fine”, I can tell

Behind the laughter and the enthusiastic dancing, I can see the thinly veiled sadness

I watch as she makes her way into the party

Champagne flute in one hand, light conversation on the other

Sashaying across the room she’s elegant in her stride

She feels the stares, yet keeps her shoulders square

Perfect teeth keep her smiling prime

And no one sees she’s screaming with her eyes

He makes a joke and she bursts out laughing

She’s got this down, this game she’s playing

Who’ll be first to see beneath the veil

Months of practice have gone into the light-hearted affair

Throw your head back slightly and raise one hand with some flare

Still, no one reads the message in her stare

Smoke screen

Smokes and mirrors

I stand by the mirror and keep watching

Waiting for signs that someone else sees it

A room full of people and not one soul is moved by the sadness in these eyes

A final glance and I see him making his way near

Perceiving his coming, the mask is unleashed

A tap on the shoulder and she turns around flashing a perfect smile

Young lady you deserve an Oscar!

A tap on my shoulder and I turn around flashing a perfect smile

Away from the mirror, duty calls

No one see the pain in my eyes.



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