In A Long Distance Relationship? Here’s How To Make It Long!

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Relationships have their ups and downs, the challenges the couples face, the trouble, the drama, the love, the happy times, the fun times and the sweet times. Sometimes when we are in the bad times and our partner has just frustrated us or gotten us angry, what usually keeps us going is remembering the good times. The times when he/she was such a darling, the times when he/she went out of his/her way to surprise, the times when things were great.

People who are in long distance relationships don’t usually have lots of memories in situations like this. This is simply because both parties don’t stay around each other and they hardly ever have time to be together and have fun together and make mistakes together. All they have is phone calls, text messages and social media, all of which is planned. This has caused cracks in most long distance relationships and has eventually led to many break ups which in turn leads to the now very popular question, can long distance relationships work?

Long distance relationships can work when there is Trust. He is in Nigeria, you are in the Uk. How do you know he is not sleeping around with every girl he meets? How do you know he is in love with you as much as the last time you saw? TRUST. If you can’t trust someone, then you shouldn’t date that person. Long distance or not. Because you’d eventually ruin the relationship when you don’t. Trust is key. And in this type of relationship, it gives you rest of mind.

Find out ways to steam things up. Make up for not seeing by having your own dates on skype. Dress up if you want and prepare for it like you would if you were seeing the person. Be excited and go for it like real life dates!

Don’t be selfish. Don’t have a side chic or Assistant boyfriend because you don’t trust what your partner is up to. You should give your all if you expect his/her all. If you don’t trust them enough then don’t be in the relationship. Simple as that.

Whenever you see, always fix a next time. Even if the next time would be in six months, fix it. It helps you have a time to look forward to.



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  1. It’s not as easy as u make it sound. U writers are good at painting things u’ve not actually experienced. I’m in one and i trust him 101%, but dat doesn’t still erase the fact that he’s there and i’m here and i hate it. Maybe your nxt write up should be on how to end/brake up a long distance relationship, that could be of help. But diz just doesn’t cut it for me.

  2. With Gods plan all things re possible and with trust from both parties side then things will work out fine but its not as easy as its written in book.

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