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These days my heart cries when I see individuals who are desperate to get married. Who can do anything what so ever to get that ring on their finger. A desperate person is someone who feels s/he has no hope and is ready to do anything to satisfy this burning need.

I read the tale of woe of two individuals that will be getting married in a couple of months. I will call them Emeka and Lola. Lola is in her late thirties and her desire to find the right guy has gone from hopefully optimistic to complete desperation so much that after only three months of knowing Emeka, she’s decided to marry him. The thing about Emeka is that he is the complete opposite of Lola. She is obsessively neat, he never learns to clean up himself. She is an independent career woman; he has a chauvinistic streak a mile way. She manages her money well; he buys based on what he wants rather than what he can afford, and the list goes on. They fight constantly to the point that it is uncomfortable to be around them. With the wedding only two months away, the only thing left to ask is “Why would she want to marry a man who is obviously incompatible with her?”

A female friend of mine also shared the story of a guy she met, who didn’t even ask her out, and blurted out suddenly “Please marry me”. He didn’t hear her out, and started making plans for a wedding. Individuals like this have an invisible signpost on their head with the inscription: “Will you marry me?” The desperate cry out to get married is leading many men and women to realize that they are miserable with their spouse a year or two after wedding. Yes, you are being pressured by friends and families to get married; pressures that makes those family picnics and extended family events a bitter experience. That is not enough reason to rush to the altar, anything done in desperation is usually as a result of a decision taken under pressure. The romance novels and movies  showing quickie marriages often don’t show the reality of a couple’s life later in their journey together. No thanks to singles seminars who promise the attendees swift marriage without teaching them how to go through relationship’s due process.

According to Dr Angelis: “When you are feeling lonely or desperate, you are much likely to make poor love choices and end up in unfulfilling relationships”. Some people are so emotionally empty that they are desperate for anyone to marry. In the end, these persons end up in a painful relationship. The following are the signs of desperation which is not exhaustive.

1. Getting too attached way too early: When you start getting attached to a person you just met and even saying “I love you” after a few dates, it’s a sign of desperation. You can make a clean break if you are involved with a needy, clingy, and desperate person.

2. Having a profile listed with every single known dating site online: This is a serious clue that you are desperate. If your profile is on every dating site you come across, that is a red flag you must deal with.

3. Constantly buying gifts: Getting gifts is good, but when it becomes too much it loses its meaning and relevance. This is usually obtainable among guys. The average dude believes he can use gifts to buy his way into a lady’s heart.

4. Wanting to meet the family too soon: “When am I meeting your people?” is usually the question  a desperate person ask. You should give so much time before introducing family and other relatives. If you are dealing with a person who is pushing to meet your family and you are barely dating two months that’s a red flag. Allow time to play its role in your relationship.

5. Dressing in an attire that is provocative: This is a clear example of someone who is insecure and prevalent among women. If you come across this type of female it’s time to move on to someone who is comfortable in her own body and doesn’t need to show off her cleavage to everyone she comes in contact with.

From a young age many of us have been taught   that marriage is a rite of passage and   you don’t become an adult or a woman until you get married. This social pressure real or imagined doesn’t make it true. You do not become a full-fledged adult by getting married. Marriage doesn’t validate your adulthood; it only reflects your maturity. Dear friend get off the desperation trap and let God’s will be done in your life. God’s time is still the best, he makes everything beautiful in his time.

Kehinde Ajose  | Twitter:@splendidkenny



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