How To Get Rid Of Your Boyfriend

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Ladies, are you tired of your boyfriend? Has he overstayed his welcome? Do you want to move on to another man and you just don’t know how? We have discovered ways to get you out of that fix!

Warning: These tips work. Only use them if you really want him gone!

1. Complain and never stop complaining-whenever he buys you gifts, helps you around the house or does anything to please you, just complain. Tell him he isn’t doing it right and he never does anything right. Tell him that you just don’t know why you put up with him because he is just not good with anything.

2. Ask him about your body weight-whenever you buy a new pair of skinny jeans or jergens or whatever tight fitting dress you like, ask him how you look in it. Ask him if it looks fat on you, if he says yes, cry so hard that he’d wish he never talked and if he says no, accuse him of lying. Just make sure no matter the answer he gives you, you make him feel bad for it.

3. Urge him to help you around the house and then whine about it-Tell him he placed the pots wrongly and didn’t clean the sink when he finished. Even when he does it right, make sure you make him realise he didn’t do it right.

4. After sex (especially if he doesn’t make you orgasm), show him hell- particularly effective is the frown, sigh or silent treatment when the act is done. No matter how much he pleads to make you feel better, refuse to tell him what went wrong and what you want. After ignoring him, just sigh, stand and head to the bathroom where you’d stay for twenty minutes with the door locked. For more effect, take your phone along with you. That’ll make him wonder how many people are going to hear about what should be between you two.

5. Talk about other guys – especially his friends. Tell him how hot they are and how hot he isn’t. Tell him you would prefer to be with any of those guys, Anyone but him.

6. Belittle his profession- this works better when you are at an event. Tell everyone(while he is there) how great their jobs are and say something like “oh you’re a pharmacist! That’s such a fantastic job, considering Kelvin here is a writer. I wonder what he does all day because his salary is ridiculous…”

7. Flirt – flirt with every guy, from the hot mechanic to the doctor to the guy who sells you tickets at the movies. Just act like he isn’t there and very soon he’d get it.

By the time you’re done with these seven tips, you’d have a man no more and would be free to hook up with the next man if you want!



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