How To Get Rid Of A One Night Stand

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Are you a player? Do you have so many one night stands or flings that you now have problems getting rid of them? We have come to save you. Here is how;

Just before you pick her up, let her know you are not always available(Just in case she decides to drop by every other time after that night) tell her how demanding your work is and how tight your schedule can be.

Add that you hardly have time to even hang out with friends or visit family. This way she knows if she tries to become a part of your life after then, you’d have no time for her. No woman wants to “chase a man all around town” anyway, so she’d not even give it a thought.

When you’re ready to get down, suggest her apartment and give “genuine” reasons why your apartment is impossible for the act. For instance, you can tell her your cousin just arrived at your place and he’s such a nosy one, you don’t like him to always know your business. Or you could tell him your house has got thin walls and you don’t want your neighbours looking at you weirdly the next morning. This would help you keep her away just in case she wants to keep coming back to check you at the house.

Whatever lie you want to tell, make sure it is already fit into place from the night before the sex. For example, if you need to jet out in the morning before she begins to offer you coffee or start a conversation, and you don’t want her to feel insulted, then you can say “remember I told you about how I wanted to change my job last night? I have an appointment with a potential employer this morning”. You must say things that would not give you out. If not, she’d know the real deal.

Also, you can text your friend(better still from the night before) to call you and act like it is an emergency call. Tell your friend that it is not a good time(so she can hear you) and act like you are being pleaded with to help a friend in need.

She’d understand and let you leave and you’d be free.



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