How Jeta Amata is making waves in Hollywood

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“Jeta Amata hails from a long line of family filmmakers (Ifoghale Amata, Zack Amata and Fred Amata), therefore he is a natural when it comes to the film industry. Jeta, is perhaps most well known for such films as “The Amazing Grace”, “Alexa Affair” and “Mary Slessor,” is a respected filmmaker from Nigeria, who has won numerous awards at home and abroad. He gained worldwide notoriety when he produced a film/documentary for the BBC, British Broadcasting Corporation in 2003 using his film “Game of Life” as footage for the documentary.

Presenting his movie “Alexa Affair” for the first time at the Berlin film festival in 2004 garnered him much recognition in the minds of Nigerians and the world. He is seen as a great “Nollywood” success. Jeta’s The Amazing Grace which won the award as Best West African Film in 2006 Screen Nations Award UK is also the first Nigerian film to be screened at the preeminent Cannes film festival. Jeta Amata’s recent credits include, Inale (A musical on an African fairy tale) and Black Gold (A film that recounts the atrocities inflicted upon the people living in the oil rich Niger Delta).”



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