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‘There are people who come to Lagos with nylon bags and go back with briefcases, and others come with briefcases and go back with nylon bags. But God has been very very nice to me. My career is such that they say entertainers’ life span is never long but the grace of God has brought me this far’– Julius D’Genius Agwu

This is the story of a Nigerian who has been able to convert his passion for entertainment into a lucrative business and  even helping others to do same. The Julius Agwu tale is a narrative of triumph over life’s tribulations and challenges.  He will be turning 40years of age on the 7th of April, and it is imperative to bring to the front burner of our minds his rise from obscure beginnings to the forefront of his career. The rapid growth and development of the comedy business in Nigeria can largely be attributed to the dogged determination of a few individuals one of which is Julius Agwu. He happens to be one of the most successful entertainers in Nigeria today. His talents have afforded him the opportunity to stand before the kings and princes of this world. His success story chronicles the rise of a child born without a spoon,let alone a silver or golden spoon! He hails from Choba in Obio /Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State.

Julius Agwu3
Julius D’Genius Agwu with an earlier picture of the comedian inset.

He was born on April 7th, 1973 to Chief Augustine Amadi Agwu and Mrs. Mary Agwu. Being the fifth child of his father’s six children, he was brought up a disciplined child.  Julius, the widely acclaimed genius attended Elementary State School in Choba and later went on to UPE also at Choba, while he had his secondary school education at Government Secondary School in Borokini, Port-Harcourt. However, he acquired his ‘O’ Levels at Akpor Grammar School in Ozoba where his social prowess was brought to the fore as a social prefect and President of the Dramatic, Debating and Cultural Society.

Julius Agwu Early
Julius D’Genius Agwu: The early years of comedy

Julius who passed in flying colours, later gained admission into the University of Port-Harcourt to study Theater Arts at the Diploma level with specialization in acting. He then followed suit with a degree programme (BA) in Theatre Arts still at the University of Port-Harcourt. Julius was adjudged the best student in the graduating class of the year in 1997.

His combined success in the movie industry, music and comedy in Nigeria is unrivaled by any other artist till date. He founded a genre of music in Nigeria known as musicomedy being the first comedian to release a comedy album in the country and this earned him different awards and nominations.

Having conquered the home terrain, Julius D’ Genius Agwu has successfully taken his comedy shows to different parts of the world like Atlanta, Maryland, United Kingdom amongst others. Foremost amongst his annual comedy shows are; Crack Ya Ribs, Laff for Christ Sake and Festival Of Love.

Julius D’Genius Agwu: Cracking our ribs on TV.

Since success leaves clues, I will love to share with you lessons we can adopt from Julius Agwu’s  success journey which we can adapt into our lives.

LESSON 1 – Don’t Belong, BECOME.
One fascinating trait about Julius is his originality. Ever since his entry into the entertainment scene in Nigeria, he has constantly  reinvented himself setting the pace for others to follow. From his brand of comedy (Music Comedy), to his comedy brands Laff4christ sake, Crack Ya Ribs, Festival Of Love,are all a proof of the man’s knack for distinction. Very often we find ourselves doing things because others are doing them. We join the band wagon  because it seems the right thing that the majority are in line. To belong is easy, but to become is hard. To become you must be willing to innovate, step up a notch, and under go a process of self enhancement.

Julius-Agwu (1)
Julius D’Genius Agwu at the 2013 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards

LESSON 2 – Embrace FOCUS
According to Harry Fordstick: ‘No steam  or gas drives anything until it is confined. No life ever grows great until it is focused’. We live in a life that is flooded with opportunities. This generation is endlessly  flooded with ideas. There is an array of businesses one could be involved in at the moment, but Mr Agwu stuck to showbiz.  Focusing his efforts on this one passion.  The only way we can entrench ourselves   in a thing is to enmesh our lives in it-to be focused. It is only the focused who go far in life.

Julius Agwu
Julius Agwu: There is always something something distinctive.

LESSON 3 – Within you lies GREATNESS.
A lot of individuals believe what they need to succeed is outside of them. Dear friend, what you need to succeed is already within you looking for manifestation. Julius tapped into his passion and gifting in life, today he is making a living from it. Are you making a living  or living your making? Are you presently doing what you were created to do? Within you is the treasure that will take you of doom and gloom. Find your God-given talent and develop it. It’s your pathway to greatness.

Ras Kimono and Julius Agwu M-NET's TOP 10 2012_360NOBS.COM
Julius Agwu dancing with Ras Kimono at M-NET’s TOP 10, 2012.

LESSON 4 – Make the efforts to DEVELOP TALENT.
Success is a team sport; it is not attained in isolation. Julius understands this and has made efforts to help other equally talented people like him. The likes of Funny bone, Senator, Daniel D’Humourous, Osama are comedians Julius Agwu  has helped to climb the rung of the ladder to accomplishment in the entertainment industry. Here is a man who understands the law of reciprocity: Whatever you make happen for others, God will make happen for you.


With his career as a shining example, this Nigerian original creating a piece of his own living history, has come to proof that  in life talent can get you far, but cold, calculated  persistence, drive, and determination can get you everywhere.

Kehinde  Ajose is a sought after Publicist, Talent development  coach, and public speaker.

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