Electronic Arts named ‘worst company’ for 2nd year in a row

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They fought. They lost. They won.

This might sum up Electronic Arts’ role in this year’s Worst Company in America polling, conducted in the pages of the Consumerist.

For the second year running, the game maker has been voted America’s worst company — aka the company those who are online a lot choose to dislike the most.

It wasn’t even close. EA managed to received 77.53 percent of the vote.

EA was up against Bank of America in the final and some might have imagined it might have a puncher’s chance against an entity that is, well, a bank.

The intervention by EA’s COO Peter Moore may not have helped the company’s cause.

Moore took to his company’s blog to explain that EA isn’t America’s worst company — which is true. Unfortunately, he also offered arguments such as the company’s inclusion of LGBT characters in its games as a reason why some might dislike it.

EA’s missteps — many admitted to by Moore — have been a touch legendary of late. The mangled launch of SimCity and desperately enthusiastic nickel-and-diming being just two.

Some might hope that Moore doesn’t retort with another blog post but, instead, manages to use some wit, guile, and consumer sensitivity to make his faithful a little happier.



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