Drama King: Charly Boy kneels in front of Lady Di at the airport

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Charly Boy never ceases to amaze me. He’s just one free spirit. He doesn’t give a hoot about anyone’s opinion and he publicly displays his affection for his family. He is seen kneeling in front of his wife, Lady Di at the airport. Can you do likewise?

Segun Adekoye

Segun Adekoye

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  1. What is the big deal about him kneeling in front of his wife??? Is it not his wife? And is it not his knee? Gbeborun people sef! Any man that can’t do the same has an exaggerated notion of himself and life. Abeg relax and be free to enjoy your life. If you want to kneel or kiss your wife in public, go ahead…. it might be your last chance to make her laugh.

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