Catwalk Goes Wrong: Model Tumbles Down At Kinabuti’s Fashion Show.

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As much as walking a runway looks easy, its actually quite mind numbing.  With backstage drama, music blaring, fashionably seated guests (who sometimes won’t want to break a smile so as not to look – uncool), an outfit to sell and the short-long parade, all the flashing lights – it can all get to a model.  When a model has a nip-slip, thats fine, its all part of the show – you can’t be a model without allowing some nudity. Its nothing.  The worst moment and most dreaded is falling during a show.

Yesterday, ethical fashion label Kinabuti (designer Caterina Bortolussi) showed off its latest collection at Martel Milan Fashion Week which featured Kinabuti’s “Carnival In The Desert” for Vilisco as a part of their 2013 Collection in Lagos at the Lagos Italian consulate.

During the show, one of the models missed her step which was captured by the photographers.   The expression on her face, one can only wonder what might have been going through her head as she tried to balance herself . From the pictures….it looks really bad.
This is the mid-air moment a model realised she was headed for a fall during the Kinabuti catwalk show in Lagos yesterday.


The model put her hand out ready to break her fall as she took a tumble in front of the cameras during the catwalk show by the Nigerian fashion house

The model however, courageously picked herself up, shrugging off the shame and completing her walk, in Style.

The fall is similar to that of catwalk queen, Naomi Campbell’s fall in 1993 during a Vivienne Westwood show wearing vertiginous heels at Paris Fashion Week in 1993.

Naomi Campbell

But as they say, the show must go on.  Quoting the signature slogan of luxury Cognac Martel, I raise a glass and duff a hat in respect for every fallen but risen Hero and Sheroes and say to others“Rise Above With Style”. – Tosin Ogundadegbe quotes.

Other models during their catwalk at the Kinabuti fashion show in Lagos.
Other models during their catwalk at the Kinabuti fashion show in Lagos.




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